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Czech Modernism

Project timeline

1932 – 1933


Congress & Exhibition

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Czech Republic

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T. Baťa Memorial

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Tomáš Baťa Memorial Change this

Zlín, Czech Republic
by František Lydie Gahura Change this
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The building was designed by František Lydie Gahura as an tribute to T. Baťa who has tragically died at the beginning of 30’s. After the II. World War the premises were filed with new temporary functions. Till today its being used as gallery and recently also as concert hall. Nowadays the philharmony use it for rehearsals.

The building, reflecting the functionalistic spirit of the city of Zlín, was designed by a famous Zlín architect František Lydie Gahura. The building's standardized construction module (essential for all functionalistic buildings in Zlín) was combined with glass, the inner hall space was divided only by simple pillars and by a stairway with a one side banister, which resulted in extraordinary purity of the space. In 1948 the memorial was rebuilt to the House of Arts. In the 50s the building’s appearance was devalued by senseless extensions and interior adaptations. The House of Arts was the seat of the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts until the spring 2013. The Symphony Orchestra of Bohuslav Martinů was located here until 2011. Nowadays, it is housed in the new Congress Center.


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