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UNIKUM with Inge Vavra (curator)

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Structural engineers
werkraum wien ingenieure zt-gmbh

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Monfalcone, Italy
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Setting of the project is the estuary of the Isonzo river near the industrial city of Monfalcone, which is considered a nature reserve, but then again is characterized by a seemingly chaotic cottage architecture. Fishermen and sunbathers have created two illegal pile dwellings that are reminiscent of exotic ideals or slums of the Third World. Partially destroyed and abandoned, the primitive buildings offer an equally as picturesque as desolate picture. It is only a matter of time until these testimonies of an anarchist building culture will disappear from the scene.

In TO BUILT ON SAND the barracks as well as the neighboring yard serve as a backdrop for artistic interventions on migration, speculation and economic crime. Participants of the project expect a several hour-long survey, at which they are introduced step by step into a strange, almost surreal world, to take an active role themselves in the finale on the sandy beach of Monfalcone.


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