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1956 – 1960



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Park Avenue
NY 1001 New York

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The Pepsi Building Change this

New York, USA
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SOM designed this modernist classic to be the world headquarters for the Pepsi-Cola Company. Completed in 1960, the pristine aluminum and glass structure contains approximately 142,500 gross square feet of office space that is organized against an offset core. The overall building plan is flexible and accommodates several clearly defined functions efficiently, both spatially and structurally.

Located on a corner lot fronting Park Avenue, the transparent, 11-story box is set off distinctly from the structures adjoining it. The service core on the south side is set back 15 feet from the building line. The resulting recess divides the building visually from its taller neighbor. On the north side, the entire structure was set back 20 feet to comply with zoning regulations. The glass walls of the ground-level lobby are set back still further, leaving space for a landscaped terrace between the entrances and sidewalk.

Upper floors contain large office areas, unobstructed except for the main columns inside the skin. The structural framework is composed of steel columns (with concrete fireproofing) and reinforced concrete slabs. The curtain wall's spandrels and mullions are made of aluminum.



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