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Market, Modernism, Cyprus Architecture, Foma

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1950 – 1955



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The Municipality of Athienou


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June 12th, 2020

The Municipal Market in Athienou Change this

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Though abandoned, the Municipal Market in Athienou is another great example built in the 1950s, that combines the local limestone bricks with an exposed concrete structure. The building, as an urban entity, is situated in front of a church, connected by a square. Internally the building is characterized by a very clear typology.

It is shaped by the two parallel strips of vendor’s storage rooms and shops that surround an open plan space as an extension of the square, making references to the scale and typology of the traditional town markets. Prior to the division of the island, the building was the center of trade and commerce for the Mesaoria area, an area known for its agricultural fields.


  • Constantinos Marcou


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