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Future Architecture Platform, Politics, Europe, Anarchy

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2016 – 2017


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a dystopian future for Europe

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The Golden Age of Nothing arose out of the political research and the engagement in considering consequences, caused by nowadays global political actions and decisions.

Based on the events in 2015, happening in and around Europe, the published work, The Golden Age of Nothing depicts a dystopian collections of short stories. At this stage, Europe eventually has fallen apart in consequence of constructed borders. The newly arisen alliances are now dominated by isolation and distinction. Nineteen imaginary characters, situated in various case scenarios, provides insight in a possible future by a personal narration out of their viewpoint.


The focus was on how to create a story from the nationalistic, fascist and Anti-European Scenarios. As Architects we used the tools we had to our hands to create a horrific depiction of the future, where everybody is a prisoner to his own state and mind. Repression and closed countries led the people fight against the power and to create underground organisations, who look back to the good old days and are trying to recreate a place were everybody can move freely again.

This fictional scenario should incite us to reflect on what ist at stake.


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Intro to the Publication


For the Europeans, the year 2014 passed by calmly. Economic crisis, crisis of Krim, high rates of unemployment, as well as the impacts of the conflicts in Syria - phrases, European citizens just knew from headlines. There was no reason to personally feel affected.07th JanuaryAttack on Charlie Hebdo in ParisNot only Parisians were shocked by the assault, it also shook the whole Western world. It was not only attacking a magazine headquarter, it was also an attack on freedom. This horrific incident, change the mood in Europe. In the course of the demonstration on the 12th January 2015, the awakening of a spirit of the European community was increases by the governmental authorities of economically relevant nations.

12th January25.000 people join the “PEGIDA” demonstration in Dresden, Germany
25th JanuaryCollateral to the finance crisis the election in Greece continues

At the same time, national counter streams started stirring up doubts about Europe’s solidarity and economically necessity, as the “PEGIDA” demonstration in Dresden took off. Speculations about Greece, emphasize the national stance of further European nations. Parliamentary elections in Greece clarified the general perception by the option of an Anti-EU-Party. A Greek referendum indicates the possibility of European separatist by various countries national movements. The insistence of the EU was decided by a bare majority.The only remaining positive mark for the European Union.

11th FebruaryRefugee catastrophe in Lampedusa, Italy
24th September Hungary erects the first fence
27th August 75 refugees die in a food truck, Austria

Another drastic incident occurred when media reported on the death of 300 refugees travelling towards Lampedusa. This elucidated tragedy reveals national errors of dealing with growing issues concerning refugees of the past months. Special solutions must be developed. As a result of the lack of EU’s activities, despite particular circumstances, some countries started making local political decisions by themselves against the flow of refugees, to militate for the populations demand for safety and supervision. For instance, Hungary decided to construct a fence against the stream of human seeking for a better life. As a consequence, a mass movement aiming towards Central Europe was triggered, which claimed the lives of several people, including a left truck on an Austrian highway, containing 75 lifeless bodies.
It’s Europe’s move. Two oppositions arises.

The one side insists on closed boundaries, defending national states. The political movement swings to the right.

08th May70 years of Peace after World War II
15th June“Die Toten kommen”, Zentrum für politische Schönheit
28th AugustDemonstration for more humanity in Vienna, Austria
03th October “Refugees Welcome” demonstration in Vienna, Austria
04th October Rescue plattform “Aylan 1”, Zentrum für politische Schönheit
03th November“Die weißen Kreuze”, Zentrum für politische Schönheit

The other side newly receives arrived Europeans with open arms, volunteering and welcoming the multicultural society. Diverse activities of demonstrations and arts call attention to the precarious situation and bring back memories of our historic past.

21th August Prevented attack in the Thalys 9364, France
25th August Estonia starts to strengthen its frontier against Russia
26th August Balkan conference - refugee crisis as the main theme in Vienna, Austria
27th October Austria considers creating a fence
14th September Schengen agreement is stopped between Salzburg/Passau
11th November Slovenia builds a fence at the border to Croatia

The German federal government affirmation hosting Syrian refugees, provokes an incalculable run through Hungary and Austria. In response to the Germans decision and as a protest against, Bavaria tightens its borders, just as the Austrian and Hungarian measures of protection. Since Europe recognizes its external borders as serious weak spots, a general tendency in the politics of refugees to constructing borders especially, around the Balkan area, awakes. Because of Russian conflicts, also in the Northeast of Europe new borders start to take shape.

11th October Nationals FPÖ reaches all time high at the Viennese elections
01st November National Populist party AFD gets 8%, Germany
13th NovemberSeries of terrorist attacks in Paris, France

Paris set up a temporary border for two days after being attacked. France gets convulsed as once before and exclaimed “Etat d‘Urgence”.

14th November Francois Hollande: “We are at war!”

Subsequently Belgium declares “Etat d‘Urgence” and conducts police operations and numerous arrests. The attempt on Paris causes a chain of activities, like close collaborations between French, German and Belgian public authorities. The citizens of Paris are insecure of public places. Streets are empty, military concentration of troops intensifies. Due to a serious threat by the IS, military alliances are founded.

Germany, France and Belgium determine corporate strategies against the terror. The country of Turkey commits to a culture of pro Islam and dissociates itself from European mentalities. According to the attack on a Russian airplane, political conjunctions get worse.

6th December Climate Change Conference COP in Paris, France

In Paris 147 nations meet for the Climate Change Conference COP. Participants are protected by 120.000 security forces. Despite military precautions, a Swiss politician, a Spanish politician and a sheik Bahrain get mortally injured by an assault on their convoys.“Attacks on several convoys at the COP.”Considering that a Islamic leader gets killed at the same incident, theories of conspiracy regarding Islamic commitment emerge. Facts give rise to all possibility of speculation. Central European military intelligences are responsible for the plot. Different opinions initiate within Europe, not least because Germany and France unite to act against. According to German and French operations in the name of Europe, in Syria, widespread dissatisfaction occurs against the two United nations. As a result of the attack in Paris, Switzerland declares against Islam and starts supporting Austria set borders, intending to construct a wall against the Southeast. Just when Bavaria agrees, Hungary uses opportunity to close its boundaries entirely.

“Riots for independence in Spain.” Spain gets effected by the recent discontents around the Alps and revolutions in regions of Basque and Catalonia occur.

“England votes against the European Union.”

The election clarifies the purpose by the percentage of 68 pro resigning from the European Union. Though Scotland heavily criticized the last results, the election 2015 is repeated. Once again, clear agreement in favor of the separation of England. The UK splits.

“Spanish military can’t fight on two front lines.”

In Spain, current situations sharpen as a result of the fatal assassination on the Spanish governor. Regarding to the military, south of Spain needs to secure borders against refugees. Meanwhile the Mediterranean islands agree to a pact to patrol afloat between North Africa and Europe.
“Front de Mer” rises against Africa. Based on military action against the external, within the country a potential for independent fighters grows. The regions of Basque and Catalonia start operations for a dissociation of Spain. After successful captures and declaration of independence of Spanish areas, Basques and Catalans construct barriers in case of a possible recapture on that part of Spain.

“Other countries follow Hungary and Austria in their attempts to strengthen their borders.”

General tendency within Europe considering stronger boundaries is recognizable. Because of the direct consternation of the flow of refugees, the Balkans divide into smaller regions with the intention of an improvement of the border security. Barricades against refugees unintentionally turn into barricades against neighboring countries. The growing sense of national identity in the Southeast, the exit of the UK and the Greek circumstances remain unchanged, evoke a repeated reconciliation of the exit from the European Union. So it comes to a revote, as a result Greece decides to concentrate on their own problems and refuse to redeem debts to the EU.

“Greece separates, against all political suggestions, from the EU.”

Despite encouragement by others European states and threat of military sanctions, Greece does not react. Because of Syrian conflicts, Greece does not fear any sanctions by Germany and France. Finally Greece breaks contact entirely leaving back a pile of debts. Greece’s conductions lead to widespread protests within the remaining European nations, like Spain, Portugal and Italy, which adjudicate in a drastic economic and political situation themselves. Eventually the listed nations also decide not to be a part of the union anymore. Because of the accordance of their countries population, regarding economical internal circumstances, politicians have no other choice than to agree with them.

“The European Union crumbles.”

Decayed circumstances of Spain oblige the country to concede in favor of their populations claims. Soon the exit is concluded. In contrary to Spain, Italy has difficulty following their peoples demands, as one of the European Union cofounder. Facts of rising action within European nations lead to a crisis meeting of the outstanding countries of the EU. The founding members of the EU cherish the idea of the union and persuade to carry on the sense of community in terms of the European Union. The EU lasts as a doubtful construction. To be expected in consequence of the disruptions, the Euro collapse, accordingly the European Central Bank ECB is inability to pay. Recently the Euro has to be abolished. Indeed European countries are economic separated and disunited. Another big blow for Europe.




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