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Library, Concrete, Foma

Project timeline

1967 – 1969


Education & Research

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1600 W Bank Dr
ON K9L 1Z8 Peterborough

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Trent University Library


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October 10th, 2019

The Bata Library Change this

Peterborough, Canada
by Ronald Thom Change this
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Ronald Thom (1923-1986) designed the masterplan of the Trent University campus in Peterborough and a series of buildings scattered on the premises. The Bata Library was located at the core of the campus, with the intention to become its focal point, dramatically overseeing the Otonabee river. The whole building is organized around a vast lobby that distributes natural light to the surrounding study areas. The walls of Bata are exposed-aggregate rubble and concrete which Thom saw as matching closely the stone outcroppings of the area.


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