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Project timeline

1970 – 1972


Private House

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Flóra utca
1037 Budapest

Current state

Altered (extensions to the original)

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Tailor's Summer House Change this

Budapest, Hungary
by György Kévés Change this
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This summer house was designed by Hungarian architect György Kévés in 1972.

The house was originally designed for a tailor. That time in Budapest a very few places produced high-quality suits. The tailor asked sportsmen to bring him quality raw material from Western countries to sew from. Kévés was one of his clients, he sewed a suit for Kévés, that is how they got to know each other. One day when Kévés visited him, the tailor told him that he bought a terrain and would like to build a summer house.

"Next time I come, I bring a sketch" - Kévés said and tried quickly conceived him not to dream about a simple treehouse. That is how the summer house's story started.



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