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Future Architecture Platform

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2021 – 2021



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March 12th, 2021

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An approach for urban regeneration in post-industrial towns, the project investigates integration between institutions and society, reconciling civic and industrial, framing a new democratic urban centre.

The project challenges the role of public buildings in the context of economic, social and political decline by re-establishing civic focus to combat urban disorientation and reclaiming the public realm. The design pivots around the reciprocity between material lightness and civic weight, between the flatness of the façade and the depth of the spaces; and frames the project’s faith in the role of a single building reinforcing its relevance to problems faced by architects and urbanists today – building meaningful architecture without excessive expense, capturing the accumulated history of a place and reintroducing it to future generations in an approachable and engaging way. Spatially and compositionally the building encourages the seemingly dissimilar typologies of industrial and civic to exist side by side and manifest the importance of their shared history, relying on playfulness and sophistication as a tool to propose a typology that is specific yet timeless.


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