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February 15th, 2017

St. Jakob's chapel Change this

Fishbachau, Germany
by Michele De Lucchi Change this
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The small votive chapel dedicated to Saint Jakob is situated in the Bavarian countryside south of Munich, in a private property located along one of the ways across Europe to the sanctuary of Santiago di Compostela at a distance of 2347 km, in northwest Spain.

The building takes up the measurements (5 x 3 meters) of the numerous religious shrines to be found in the surrounding district of Fischbachau.
The interior is empty, and the object of contemplation is situated outside the park.
A staircase leads to a wooden bench placed in front of a round window that frames the horizon and a cross erected on the edge of the lawn opposite. The seating, a font in marble and a wooden candleholder shelf comprise the only furniture.
The construction is a stone known to the locals as -God's concrete-.
The roof, doors, and windows are in copper and wood.



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