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Future Architecture Platform

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November 29th 2017 – February 15th 2018


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Marco Ferrari, Cristina Gallizioli, Maria Giulia Milani

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SLA Indochina - a South East Asian case study Change this

ศาลา (sala) - Thailand

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The first specific on-site research project of the group was carried out between 2017 and 2018 in Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand thanks to numerous crowdfunding donations and to the collaboration of many local partners. The result of this investigation was the collection of more than 150 local spatial expressions divided by scale, location and main theme, each of them paired with a detailed description or meaning's explanation and identified by its specific original name and by its definition-translation. The work constitutes a comprehensive effort to systematize South East Asian spatiality through specific insights, with the will of valorizing and making it accessible to everyone in order to inspire a generation of designers and architects more sensitive towards the constellations of local spatial inventions. The work whishes to stimulate a free exchange of ideas between cultures, sharing knowledge and awareness and aiming at building more various and meaningful environments.


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