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April 2017 – ?


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Marco Ferrari, Cristina Gallizioli, Maria Giulia Milani

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Spaces like Actions is born as a worldwide open-source collection of spaces, continuously open to submissions since its foundation. Everybody can participate sharing a sample picture of a space from his/her culture together with its specific meaning and description. In the last year and a half we collected more than 300 spaces spanning from Australia to Canada, from Chile to Japan, trying to get recognition for this immaterial patrimony of local places and uses. An untranslatable space is a space whose meaning is held by a specific culture: it is not about a different aspect or shape but about a different conception. This is the reason why for every space a picture is not enough to recognize it, but we ask for a proper name to be able to identify it and a meaning involving the original cultural aspects that only can explain it in order to understand it. This process is constituting a social platform for sharing own spaces and related stories.


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