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Skyscraper, Steel And Concrete, Modernism

Project timeline

1930 – 1933


Mixed Use

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Štefanova ulica 1
1000 Ljubljana

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April 11th, 2014

Skyscraper in Ljubljana Change this

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Vladimir Šubic Change this
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First Skyscraper in ex Yugoslavia was built in Ljubljana between 1930-33. This was the ninth tallest building in Europe of that time. The structure of the skyscraper was first in the line of buildings in Ljubljana that exceeded allowed height of buildings and establishes a new dominant in the city. During construction it symbolized the evolving city and its economic prosperity. Reinforced concrete frame structure is filled with partitions made of concrete and brick. Statues on the outside of a skyscraper are the work of sculptors Lojze Dolinar and Boris Kalin, in the interior are sculptures of France Gorše.


  • Fikfak, Slak, Bauer: Ljubljana, arhitektura 20. stoletja, Fakulteta za arhitekturo, Ljubljana 2001


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