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Concrete, Asimetrical, Console, Slovenian Modernism

Project timeline

1953 – 1953



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Partizanska cesta 63A
6210 Sežana

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October 27th, 2020

Sežana Gas Station Change this

Sežana, Slovenia
by Božidar Gvardijančič Change this

Sežana Gas Station

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The object is set next to a regional road Ljubljana-Trst on the axle of entrance to a railway station. Complex design of a building is based on consistently executed roof, continuous reinforced concrete slabe, which gradually thins out in a direction of a console. The tectonic effect reduces the supporting concrete frame, whose vertical sides are under a slight angle with respect to the plane of the roof and the ground. The roof slab extends asymmetrically to the east and forms an entrance hall with a stone wall (protection against the bora wind). The petrol station was demolished in 2000.


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