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Bath, Stained Glass Cupola

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1550 – 1566



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Döbrentei tér 9.
1013 Budapest

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Rudas Bath Change this

Budapest, Hungary
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The Rudas Thermal Bath was built around 1550 in the period of the Turkish occupation in Budapest, Hungary. The bath was originally called jesil direkli ilidzsá which means green-column bath as one of the supporting columns of the cupola was green.

Ali Pasha started the construction of Rudas and Sokoli Mustafa Pasha rebuilt and finished it in 1566. Eight columns support the cupola under which lies the octagonal Turkish pool.

This is the soul of the Rudas Bath. The light shafts shining through the stained glasses of the cupola openings cause a colourful, vibrant effect inside the pool. The Rudas used to be a men-only bath, tough it has a swimming pool for both men and women.

The pool was built in 1896 and it was Budapest's second indoor swimming pool.


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