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Temporary Architecture

Project timeline

2009 – 2009


Culture & Entertainment

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Kaluga Region

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Arch Stoyanie Festival

Rotunda Change this

Kaluga Region, Russia
by Alexander Brodsky Change this
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Rotunda by Alexander Brodsky is a small, oval-shaped building in a field. From where it sits there is a great panoramic view out to the natural surroundings. The Rotunda was designed for the Arch-Stoyaniye contemporary architecture festival in 2009. The structure features a small fireplace at its center to encourage people to enter and sit together while taking in the landscape.

The threshold to the Rotunda is through a series of doors which make up the lower level perimeter. Each of these doors can be opened and were salvaged from old houses that were destroyed within the region. The interior of the rotunda is a 6-meter tall open space, belted with a gallery of narrow windows at 3-meters high. The fireplace sits at the center as a welcoming hearth. The flat-roof is accessible by a ladder and offers an additional space to take in the surrounding landscape. Structurally, Rotunda is made with a planked timber carcass and the whole building is then painted white.


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