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Postmodernism, Brick, Housing

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1984 – 1986



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Residences at Giudecca Change this

Venice, Italy
by Gino Valle Change this
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The intervention on the Giudecca by Gino Valle is his recent and significant interpolation of contemporary housing in a historical context. It is a project of 94 housing units and commissioned by the city ​​council, located in Venice. The area of the Giudecca, on the edge of the city, is an area marked by degradation and by the presence of residences and productive activities. The project fits precisely in the area, it is a broader intervention plan that provides integrated recovery of pre-existing functions.

The principle of the Giudecca is the square modular grid, which acts as a control element of the settlement at different scales. The urban grid define the relationships between the built volumes. Despite being composed of a single type of dwelling, the complex is the sum of three well-defined building objects.

The quality of the project lies in its ability to relate to the site and to consolidate it in harmony with the principle of settlement right in Venice. The Venetian environment is a complicated mixture of lights and shadows, suspended between earth and sky; Valle tried to reproduce this difficult balance, working on building the environment, both on the materials and colors. The brickwork is marked by squaring concrete in white color view. The light of Venice is particularly changeable, and continuously changes the relationship between volume and color; to get the desired outcome the designer has worked at a desk but especially on job controlling effects achieved gradually and making the necessary changes.



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