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April 2016 – February 2017



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Via Felice Cavallotti
12100 Cuneo

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Architect - Badoero Francesco
Architect - Garis Valentina
Costa Stefano William

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Cuneo, Italy
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Diamo i numeri (Give the numbers/Out of mind).

Quando sei qui con me
questa stanza non ha più pareti
ma alberi, alberi infiniti.

A fun, dynamic and elegant work space: these were the Client’s requests for his new accounting firm.

Architectural concept comes from the idea to fill the entire space with numbers, because those are calculation’s basis, the central tool of the study's work.

The interior space, walls, pillars and ceilings are conceptually transformed into a "trees forest" where the "fruits" are the numbers, packaging carton tubes represent the "Cuisenaire rods", used by children at school to learn math.

Poor, recycled materials but with a strong visual and iconic impact. Cardboard "fruits", at the base of the project, make the creation of unique and fun lighting and furniture items, no element is left to chance.

White, the main color of the surfaces, lightens the envelope and exaltes the wood's "heat".

"Diamo i numeri" ... because the workplace can become a place to stay and not a place to escape.


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