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2005 – 2009


Mixed Use

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3011 Rotterdam

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‘The Red Apple’ rises skyward at the head of the Wijnhaven Island. It is a residential complex with shops, cafés, restaurants and other activities in the plinth. A portion of the existing construction is integrated into the substructure, which extends to a height of 21 metres. Above this there is a 125-metre-tall residential tower and a 53-metre projecting pentagonal volume that follows the outline of the head of Wijnhaven Island. The complex contributes to a lively atmosphere because it is emphatically associated with the surroundings. The facades of the ground-level shops and cafés are open and welcoming in character, while an arcade that passes through the complex complements the system of public spaces. The quaysides are kept free of motorized traffic and are equipped with landing stages, while two new bridges provide even better access to the area.


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