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Atlas Of Rituals, Collective Space, Urban Design, Forty-five-degrees North, Critical Urbanism, Future Architecture Platform, Radical Rituals, Research, Architecture

Project timeline

January 2020 – ?


Education & Research

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45º N


Current state

Under Construction

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Alkistis Thomidou, Berta Gutierrez, Giulia Domeniconi, Gian Maria Socci

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Future Architecture Platform


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May 13th, 2021

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Ongoing research on the inventiveness of everyday life.

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An itinerary survey along the 45ºN, on the inventiveness of everyday life, new hybrid vernacular and communal space making in Europe.

For too long, we have been creating top-down fixed structures to read our planet, trying to describe the world as a whole. We may now recognise the urgency of focusing on conviviality across scales and beings to develop new paradigms. In this proposal, we will investigate Europe through a new real-fictional space, following an exemplary line: the 45ºN parallel. Along the 45ºN, we are looking for urban rituals, new hybrid vernacular practices that address hot topics like climate justice, gender, biodiversity or solidarity. Initiatives that mediate between individual ambitions and collective needs, creating a new understanding of
the commons. To challenge the notion of the Europe of commodities vs Europe of necessities, or center vs periphery. We will create an archive of practices aiming to unpack diverse and complex rituals across Europe establishing connections across contexts, space
and relations.

How to learn from existing practices, transmit and expand the qualities of distributed knowledge into systemic changes? We believe that the future of a more just practice of space-making lies unseen in a myriad of everyday rituals spanning multiple locations and actors, in heterogeneous spaces where pioneering spatial configurations and new commonality occur through activities and tactics, that foster alternative cultures, communication strategies and organisational models.

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