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Pool Decking, Condo

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? – 2016


Private House

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Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico
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Private Condo

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José Fernando Vázquez, AIA at hacedor/maker: arquitectos (h:m/a), took on the challenge of fulfilling the immense potential of this home located at Plantation Village in Dorado Beach. The owner wanted to create a lush outdoor retreat that would serve as the perfect sanctuary but the home has a very small space to work with. In order to make the space feel as harmonious as possible and enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings Kebony decking was chosen and it perfectly enhances the other design elements.

Low maintenance and durability were priorities when choosing a decking material. But popular PVC decking wasn’t a good option for this space. PVC decking retains the natural heat of the sun and in the heat of a Dorado Beach summer PVC decking could make the space unusable because it would get too warm. Kebony decking has the natural beauty of real wood and the durability of materials like PVC decking without retaining heat. Jose and the owner also wanted to use a sustainable product that is eco-friendly and designed to withstand harsh elements like brutal summer sun without losing the gorgeous look of natural wood.

The light Radiata Pine Kebony was the perfect choice for this outdoor retreat. After exposure to the sun and the elements the decking will develop a natural silvery patina that will make the space seem larger while seamlessly blending into the overall design. And the enhanced durability of Kebony means that no matter how fierce the sun is the decking won’t warp, rot or crack so that the natural beauty of this space won’t be marred. Smart design and sustainable products can create a stunning one of a kind space that will make any home a showstopper.


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