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Mobile Structures, Railroad

Project timeline

1963 – 1966


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Stoke Road
ST1 Stoke-on-Trent
United Kingdom

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Potteries Thinkbelt Study Change this

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
by Cedric Price Change this

Triple segment construction allows vertical and horizont ...

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The Potteries "Think-Belt" (1963-66), envisaged the reuse of an abandoned railway line in the derelict North Staffordshire Potteries as a roving "higher education facility". Covering a 108-square-mile "campus," Price's Think-Belt was designed to provide scientific education for 20,000 students and re-establish the Potteries as a centre of science and technology.

Mobile classroom, laboratory and residential modules would be placed on the railway lines and shunted around the region, to be grouped and assembled as required. Four varieties of modular and disposable public housing (called, with aggressive disrespect for conventional primness, "Sprawl", "Battery", "Capsule" and "Crate") would be assembled at various fixed points along the rail lines.

Price who knew the Potteries well as his mother was related to Enoch Wood, one of founder of the Potteries submitted his Thinkbelt proposal to the Ministery of Education who shelved it.


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