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2003 – 2003


Culture & Entertainment

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Klyazminskoye Reservoir
Moscow region

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Pavilion for Vodka Ceremonies Change this

Moscow region, Russia
by Alexander Brodsky Change this
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The Pavilion for Vodka Ceremonies is a structure and performative ceremony designed by Alexander Brodsky for the ArtKlyazma art festival in 2003. Similar to Ice House and 95 Degrees Restaurant, the pavilion is located on the popular Muscovite retreat, Klyazma Reservoir.

The building is constructed out of a collection of old window frames from the Butikov factory on Ostozhenka street in Moscow. Brodsky stayed true to his aesthetic by salvaging the window frames from a demolished factory in Moscow. This project is another example of cultural recycling. The second-hand building elements were reused with all their meaning and connotations apparent in the new structure. The discarded window frames were picked up at a demolition site in the centre of Moscow, they were then fixed onto a simple wooden frame and the whole structure painted out white in a rough manner. Reused timber appears here as a universal medium for architecture and memory.

The ceremony itself is implied by the interior and the distinct lack of furniture and ornament. Inside the Pavilion is a small table, a pair of tin mugs on chains and a large basin of vodka. Two people step in, and stand at the two sides of the table. The visitors pour the vodka into the cups and drink it saying toasts in rounds.

It turned out to be an architectural statement, through the use of material and its cultural message. It is a simple spatial and material metaphor of the Russian “art de vivre”.


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