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Multifunctional Centre

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2007 – 2012


Congress & Exhibition

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Surgut, Siberia

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Architect: by Synthesis Belgrade, Synthesis Rus, Project Manager Snezana Curcin

Palace of Art Surgut Change this

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Russian oil company Sugutnaftagas, Siberia, organized a competition at 2006 for construction the Palace of Art. Since town Surgut was founded around oilfields, most of the residents were employed by that company. The Palace of Art was dedicated to its citizens. The competition won company Synthesis Rus – Moscow office together with representative office Synthesis Milano and Synthesis Belgrade, Serbia. The design works were developed by Synthesis in Belgrade, Serbia and Synthesis Rus in Moscow.

The building Palace of Art consists of opera theatre auditorium hall for 1100 visitors, main stage area and rehearsal rooms, multifunctional theatre auditorium hall for 250 visitors and stage area, jazz club for 250 visitors and banquet hall with a restaurant for 250 visitors, including restaurants for the personal, meeting rooms, bar, business center, workshops etc.

During the period 2007-2012 the design works were twice developed but for the different locations in the city. The first project dedicated the building location in the city center. The landing building dimensions 75 m width and 113 m long was too huge and too close to surrounded residential buildings and school. Then what happened, when the test piles were polling by the client, the polling caused the damage to surrounding buildings. After that the works were stopped by the client.

Cannot be said there was a failure in the management. During the development of landing plan was evident that the building is too large and too close to the surrounding buildings. My duty as Project manager was to prevent risks from becoming issues what I tried to do, however, the client insisted on that location. According to the technical specifications of the client, the total area of the building should not exceed 27000m2. But during the design development, it was considerably increased, almost double, to 45,000 m2. It was not easy to explain why the total building area increased. Designers provided a detailed analysis of the implementation of the design standards which prove the necessity of placing the communications, the area for disabled persons, stairs, corridors, foyers, toilets, etc.

The client made the decision to move the object out of the settlement to a nearby forest. This solution involved designing the completely new infrastructure to bring the city closer to the building. Finally the new position Palace of Art contributed the construction of the new accompanying facilities such as shopping facilities, park area, promenades and summer stage.


  • Snezana Curcin


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