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Hungarian Modernism, Residential, Modernism

Project timeline

1935 – 1936



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Baross utca 63
1047 Budapest

Current state

Altered (extensions to the original)

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Old workers’ home for the Dávid Löwy & Son factory Change this

Budapest, Hungary
by Franciska Bettelheim Change this

Franciska Bettelheim: Old workers’ home for the Löwy Dáv ...

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The first published work by Franciska Bettelheim, a pioneering female architect in Hungary. It was designed and built in 1936 for the Löwy Dávid és fia factory, then owned by the Bettelheim family. The apartment building contains 12 one-room living unit, with shared toilets. All apartments are approachable from a corridor in the back, and have a huge terrace and wide windows to the south.

The modernist building was published in the Hungarian Tér és forma (1936/4), and in the Italian Architecttura magazine (1936/5). Athough somewhat rebuilt, it still stands in Újpest (Budapest, District 4) at the Baross utca 63.


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