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Future Architecture Platform

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January 27th 2015 – January 8th 2018



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Nature will be the new architecture

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Lorenzo Catena, Onorato di Manno, Andrea Tanci

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A short circuit will lead to an inversion of roles betwe ...

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Architecture was born when humankind began to organise its environment in order to create protected places from the adversities of nature.

Today, we are witnessing a strong demographic increase that comes together with a vertiginous expansion of the urban pattern, soil consumption and waste production. This has lead to the destruction of the natural habitats on the earth.
Consequently, an inversion of roles in which nature has to defend itself against human threats has begun. Starting from this scenario, we can imagine a future in which the anthropic landscape will totally devour the natural one, leading to a complete saturation of the earth's surface.

The entire planet will be covered in objects and waste. This will cause a short circuit that will lead to a new primitive era in which cyborg men, to protect themselves from atmospheric threats, will share the collective consciousness of the “Third Landscape” by nourishing forests, seas and glaciers: their vital spaces.


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