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2008 – 2009


Private House

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Bilzen, Belgium
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Amidst a block of more traditional houses in Bilzen, Brussels-based Bassam El-Okeily, in collaboration with Karla Menten, has squeezed a contemporary three storey residence. From the street, the project’s vastly unique façade screams for attention, yet the crazed internal geometry is contained by a flat piece of glass – a move that allows the project to assimilate better into its context. In the evening time, the façade is lit in different colors allowing the house to act as “a pubic light sculpture by night.”

A mere 5.3 meters wide, the residence includes standard amenities for its clients such as a garage and entrance on the ground floor, in addition to a library and reading nook, and a third-level studio for the client to work.

Two skewed balconies offer views to the street, with their angled quality adding a strong aesthetic touch to the residence.

The interior spaces are shaped by slicing away ceiling mass and walls to sufficiently light up the space. As the main living space on the second level is set back farther into the lot, natural light enters from above. Small geometric windows and clerestories allow rooms that are not directly linked to the facade to still be bright and well-lit.



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