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1970 – 1972


Private House

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According to Marguerite Antell writings, “Jim Johnson has the imagination and creative skill to give us a house that is far beyond our imagination!”

James H. Johnson actually fashioned this unique dwelling after a stem of Queen Anne’s Lace. The home's distinctive retro-modern "pod" design earned it a designation as a Town of Perinton Landmark in 1989. In addition, nature is all around you.....being adjacent to Powder Mill Park with a beautiful stream and waterfall.

In 2001 the previous stewards of the property, Steve and Christine Whitman commissioned James Johnson, the original architect, to add living space to the structure. The new area is linked to the original house by a walkway decorated with the original owner’s and creative visionary Marguerite Antell's hand-painted ceramic tiles.

Never seen before by the general public, the artistic drawings of the Mushroom House by James Johnson. See the images below. They are a treasure of information of the Mushroom House by this world renown architect.


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