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Temporary Architecture, Bamboo, Pavilion

Project timeline

October 5th 2016 – February 7th 2017


Congress & Exhibition

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Naomi Milgrom Foundation

MPavilion 2016 Change this

Melbourne, Australia
by Studio Mumbai Change this
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The 2016 pavilion designed by Studio Mumbai is a 12 meter-high structure conceived as a large gathering space and ideally aimed to connect ground, sky, and earth. The structure is made of bamboo, assembled by using traditional, orally-transmitted Indian techniques. It is composed of a basic scaffolding-like structure, with poles and braces composed of bamboo canes and simply tied to one another through friction-tight rope connections. This building, also, aims to be a “universal” one, a symbolic work that represents the relationship between man and nature, rather than to be strictly specific to the place where it is physically located.


  • Riccardo Bianchini


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