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Competition Entry

Project timeline

2013 – 2013


Monument & Memorial

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Kongresni trg
1000 Ljubljana

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Monument to the Victims of All Wars Change this

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Miloš Kosec, Tomo Stanič, ... Change this
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The project for the monument engages with the site’s complex history. It’s immediate neighbor, the Congress Square, is the space on which most of Slovene’s political history occurred. The relation to its immediate surroundings was therefore crucial to a monument meant to memorialize deaths that occurred largely as a consequence of these manifestations and momentous decisions. A kind of reversal of the representative official square for ceremonies was articulated, a sort of necropolis to an existing “acropolis”. The pavement of the square reflects this reversal as it is transformed into a hollowed-out space in the middle of the city. The void of the competition site is covered with slabs separated with fissures following the pattern of the Congress Square. As one of the demands of the competition was an inclusion of a verse by the Slovene poet Oton Župančič the decision was taken to incorporate it in the form of multiple recorded voices coming out from beneath the slabs. The hollowing-out of the memorial site is achieved primarily with voices reciting the verse as well as articulating a negative image of Congress Square.


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