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Yugoslavian Modernism, Monument

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1974 – 1975


Monument & Memorial

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Monument to the Fallen Soldiers of Lješanska nahija Change this

Barutana, Montenegro
by Svetlana Kana Radević Change this
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Kana Radević said that "one of the most difficult architectural tasks is a monument." She designed the one on Barutani, which is hidden from the view on the highway leading from Podgorica to Cetinje. Here can stop those who want to hear the story of the Balkan, First and Second World War in three separate units.

The monument occupies a large space. After climbing the stairs the architects brings you on the stage at the very moment you reach the end and you are in the open amphitheater. Stone chairs call for cultural events in the future to be organized, and the stone walls overlaid by the entire monument respect the traditions that have arisen in rural areas. Kana was in between the combination of tradition and modernity to approach and reconcile the two poles.


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