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2007 – 2008



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Dženetića čikma
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Modna Konfekcija d.d. Sarajevo

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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The existing building is to be stripped to the bone, upgraded, reclad, with the same intention as the previous architect, to wait with dignity for whatever is going to happen in front of you. This is remake architecture.

The discreet commercial property known to the residents of Sarajevo as 22 December, a retail outlet for military uniforms, is right by Sarajevo’s busy central market, Markale. Rectangular in plan and elevation, it is the epitome of modernism. The additional storey, which is set back and accentuated by eaves which dip down to the side to conceal the fire escape, retains the same architectural syntax. The main façade, facing south-west, is curtained in steel mesh. Portions of the glass façade are partly pixelized with transparent stained glass, so that daylight casts pools of colour in the interior, and when the lighting is turned on it colours the façade. The building is a ”lite” version of its predecessor, reduced to a single façade. The original parapets have been removed, and replaced by a floating transparent membrane. The actors in the drama of this façade are avant- garde materials, ranging from wood-textured bakelite Trespa panels to stainless steel mesh and stained glass.


  • Book: Restart 1995-2010 - Arhitektura u Bosni i Hercegovini


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