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Slovenian Modernism, High-rise, Prefabricated Aluminium Facade

Project timeline

1960 – 1963



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Dalmatinova ulica 2
1000 Ljubljana

Current state


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Metalka Office Building

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April 26th, 2020

Metalka Change this

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Branko Kraševac, Edo Mihevc Change this
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Metalka was the first business 15-storey high-rise building in Ljubljana since Nebotičnik. Edo Mihevc designed the iconic office building on the model of the Seagram Building in New York. Metalka is designed as a narrow box wrapped in a unified coating of lightly hanging facade made from prefabricated aluminium, designed byBranko Kraševac. The facade is a symbol of technological progress and ingenuity of the metal wholesaler who manufactured it. Metalka did in the 1960s what Nebotičnik did in the 1930s; it proved that Slovenian architecture had kept pace with European development.


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