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Industrial Design

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1924 – 1926


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Coffee and Tea Set (1924)

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Brantd designed her first lighting fixtures for the Bauhaus Building in Dessau in 1926. Between 1928 and 1929 as being the director of the metal workshop she worked on designs for lighting fixtures for mass production. Her teasets have become well known for their modern and geometric forms. While her designs were Bauhaus in nature, she also incorporated ideas from movements such as Constructivism and De Stijl. Marianne Brandt was an early modernist, but her teasets follow all of the rules of the movement. Form ever follows function and the abstract shapes are supposed to create a more useful set of table pieces. There is little ornamentation but the design is interesting and does not need to be overcomplicated. The sets are made of silver plate and brass, but they use ebony for the handles. The teaset was almost entirely handmade but it led to ideas of mass production and industrialisation of similar products. The reproduction rights to Brandt's original teaset were granted to Alessi, an Italian metalware design company, in 1985. Along with the rights to the teaset, the company was given reign over her ashtray design as well.



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