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Heritage, Genetics, Science, Greenhouse

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2019 – ?


Culture & Entertainment

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Under Construction

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Ondrej Chybik, Michal Kristof, Ondrej Svancara, Krystof Foltyn, Ingrid Spacilova, Laura Emilija Druktenyte

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June 09th, 2020

Mendel's greenhouse Change this

Czech Republic
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mendel's greenhouse by monolot

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Nested in the 14th-century Augustinian monastery’s gardens, the original building was swept away by a storm in the 1870s, leaving to this day only its foundations. Integrated in the structure and left visible, the preserved foundations are at the basis of the designs’ reinterpretation – echoing the orientation, shape and distinct roof of the greenhouse. While the volume is inspired by the original edifice, the reimagined supporting steel structure seeks inspiration from Mendel’s three laws of inheritance – and the drawings of his resulting heredity system.

The flexible design, conceived to adapt to a variety of purposes, is entirely exposed to the exterior with fully open side walls, preventing any visual barriers. With the aim of attracting local and international visitors as well as a professional public essential to preserving the monastery’s legacy, the revived structure acts as a versatile space celebrating Mendel’s work and contributions to modern genetics. The vast, adaptable volume allows for a diversity of events from conferences and lectures to temporary exhibitions, while the integrated blinds enable the space to be darkened for projections and concerts.


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