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1963 – 1966


Private House

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27220 Bois le Roy

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Bordeaux Le Pecq House

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Andrée Bordeaux Le Pecq

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Bois le Roy, France
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The Maison Bordeaux le Pecq is in Bois le Roy, a village in Normandy. Its sloping pagoda-like roof shows Parent's theory, called the "fonction oblique", for which he is most famous. This declared that buildings should be all about ramps, slopes and angles, wall-free where possible; that space should predominate over surface. The largely concrete home inside consists almost entirely of one large open space, with a small kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms off it. The giant wave like gestures of the roof create one of residential architecture's great rooms on the inside.

Parent created the house in 1963 for an art patron called Andrée Bordeaux Le Pecq, who wanted it as her countryside studio and designed most of the interior herself.


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