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Project timeline

1991 – 1992


Congress & Exhibition

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29 Bell Street
NW1 5BY London
United Kingdom

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Structural engineers
Price & Myers

General contractor
E.C Sames

Lisson Gallery Change this

London, United Kingdom
by Tony Fretton Change this
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“In the Lisson Gallery Tony Fretton has produced an object of thought and reflection of rare quality and vigor.” - Domus magazine

The Lisson Gallery has established itself as one of the principal private galleries in Britain. It was instrumental in introducing the work of American conceptual artists such as Donald Judd and Sol Lewitt to UK audiences and has consistently represented the most interesting contemporary British artists.

The buildings the architects made for the Gallery in 1986 and 1992 are internationally recognised by curators, artists and the public for their architecture and quality of their art spaces.

The first project transformed a relatively modest existing building on Lisson Street by opening up a series of larger gallery spaces to accommodate the museum-scaled pieces that the Gallery's artists had begun to produce.

The second project, undertaken in 1992 was purpose built, and provided exhibition spaces at ground and first floor, and a third in the basement, which is now used as a store.

The two buildings were planned to be accessed separately so that each retained its distinct character and the joining point of the two was a discovery. This arrangement has been lost as the two over time have been allowed to become a single building and the newer building, accessed via Bell Street, has become the icon by which the Lisson Gallery is known.


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