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2008 – 2012



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Rua joão moura 1144 Pinheiros
Sao Paulo

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Edifício Comercial João Moura, Commercial Building Joao Moura

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João Nitsche, Rafael Baravelli, Tiago Matsuhide Kuniyoshi, Suzana Nóbrega Barboza, Rodrigo de Francisco Ferreira e Oliveira, Ari Felipe Miaciro Correia

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João Moura 1144 Change this

Sao Paulo, Brazil
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The João Moura 1144 project was designed by Nitsche Arquitetos in 2008. The commercial building has been executed in an innovative way, offering a working environment that is more fluid than normal.


The entrance recedes from the street 10 meters which is double what is required, giving pedestrians ample room to traverse freely. Another feature to this office space which is different is the main ground-floor, situated 12 meters above street level it is a collective space including a café and is reached by a walkway through the trees.

The facade is made up of green and blue coloured panels, which was a graphic execution by João Nitsche. The panels are coated in a special Formica and follow a structural logic to the building. The structure is made from concrete which has voids of 5-7.5 meters long with overhangs that disguise circular pillars. These pillars support pre-stressed beams that cross the building's 12 meter width, resulting in floors that have no pillars, creating open and free spaces.

Regulations and Issues

In addition to the unusual variations on height there were strict regulations on having a 25m zone surrounding the building, which ensured a 'green belt' within the urban setting. However some of the legislation interfered in a counter-productive manner, one of the pedestrian entrances has been walled off because that part of the street is exclusively residential and may not have access to a commercial building.



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