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Degrowth, Activism, Affordable Housing, Future Architecture Platform

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2018 – ?



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Article last edited by Klodiana Millona on
February 25th, 2019

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The delusion of limitless growth and consumption is fading away. Recently there is a growing consciousness over our current cultural model based on a time limited fantasy of endlessly exploitative natural resources. The acceleration of global warming and peak oil are just of the few dramatic events of our times that call for an urgent rethinking of our lifestyle. Some of the least innocent practitioners, when it comes to serving to these grand narrative of material wealth and eternal growth, unfortunately are architects, with the entire profession being dramatically carved around economic growth. With these alerting consequences of a future around GDP growth, many young architects are looking for alternative ways of thinking that drift away from an architecture of growth. What are some of the approaches of this new paradigm in architecture? Can we picture the possibility of an architecture of alternative to the current dominance of economic growth?


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