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Slovenian Modernism, Functionalism

Project timeline

1946 – 1947


Congress & Exhibition

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Corner of Prešernova Ulica and Puharjeva Ulica
1000 Ljubljana

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Members Club

Architect Change this

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Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia


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November 03rd, 2020

Internal Administration Club Change this

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Marko Župančič Change this
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The Club of Internal Administration (Klub notranje uprave) was one of the seminal modernist examples of functional architecture, built in 1947 on a prominent central positions in Slovenias capital city, Ljubljana. The building later became known, or was perhaps even officially renamed into Members Club (Klub Poslancev).

According to Art Historian Peter Krečič, the architect envisioned the building to be built to resemble a villa or a palace. The building is remembered mainly by its prominent stone façade. According to Krečič, the building was built using several architectural elements of Le Corbusies’ school with whom the architect studied prior to the Second World War. As such the building is though to have been built using asymmetric compositions of cubes, and included horizontal windows, columns without entasis or capitals, and an atrium.

The building was demolished in 1991 to accommodate the new wing of the National Gallery that now stands in its place. According to MAO, the remaining documentation of the building is very scarce. Perhaps that is because the architect handed in the original plans to the National Gallery, prior the expansion of its new wing and the demolition of the original building. The documentation might have also been purposefully lost due to matters of national security, which was not uncommon for the time.


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