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Brick, Palace, Modernism

Project timeline

1928 – 1930



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Mikošičeva ulica 19
1000 Ljubljana

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March 25th, 2017

Insurance Company Building Change this

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Jože Plečnik Change this
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In addition to the National and University Library is this building as well one of the "urban palaces" by the opus realized by Plečnik. It is located opposite the main railway station, at the corner of Miklošičeva and Tivoli. The building follows the geometry of the streets, which are not rectangular. The corner of the building with an entrance is so truncated, entrance vestibule is circular. The lower part of the building is structured on the Wagner's principles for the palaces in Vienna. The brick facade of the upper part of the building summarizes palladian principles of the brick palace. Layers of brick on brick symbolically reminiscent of the savings - "Dinar na dinar palača" ("money on money a place").


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