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City Of Science Berlin

Project timeline

1995 – 2001


Education & Research

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Brook-Taylor-Straße 2
12489 Berlin

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Humboldt University of Berlin

Institute for Chemistry and Physics Change this

Berlin, Germany
by Staab Architekten Change this
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On the grounds of the former Johannisthal-Adlershof Airfield and the affiliated aircraft technology and aviation research facilities, a new campus has been built for the natural sciences at Humboldt University of Berlin. Stemming from a competition held in 1995, the design attempts to develop a new urban center within a heterogeneous environment consisting of listed buildings dedicated to aviation research, the premises of the former East German Academy of Sciences and a series of research institutions erected in recent years. The listed buildings, the engine test bench, the Trudelturm tower and the wind tunnel stand out on the newly created square as isolated sculptural objects. On the sides facing the square, the new buildings eschew any sculptural relief, declaring their inner structure by means of the cutaway facade structure


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