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WHA Welingergasse

Vienna, Austria
by Mladen Jadrić

The strikingly differentiated structure of the building thematizes the openings of the facades. The views, which are the decisive criteria for the plastic structure, define the design of the facades. All apartments are designed as plugged, cross-ventilated apartments. High quality of living is..

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Whale Jaw

Hoofddorp, Netherlands
by NIO Architecten

At the beginning of the year 2003 a bus station was built on the forecourt of Hoofddorp’s Spaarne Hospital. This facilities block is located in the middle of a square and is a public area in the form of an island that serves as a junction for the local bus service. The design of this kind of..

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In July 2012 was five years since the building of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade has been closed to public due to reconstruction, adaptation and expansion works that have not been finished until the present day. Only the first stage is completed, means the roof, the cellar facilities,..

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White City Berlin

Berlin, Germany
by Wilhelm Büning, ...

The White City in Berlin, also known as Swiss Quarter, in reference to the street names in the vicinity of the complex, was commissioned by the head of city planning at the time, Martin Wagner. Wagner was also responsible for other social housing projects in Berlin. Three of his projects, the..

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White O House

Marbella, Chile
by Toyo Ito

The site for this weekend house slopes gently down to the north-east, and has attractive views in the same direction. This proposal is intended to make dynamic use of the whole site, taking advantage of the special qualities created by this slope.

The house and site are composed together as a..

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White U (House)

Tokyo, Japan
by Toyo Ito

White U was designed for the Toyo Ito's older sister, who had just lost her husband to cancer.

The widow requested a house for her and her young daughters where they could enjoy the close contact with the soil and plants that their former home had lacked, but also have privacy and encourage..

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
by Norbet Gawronski

The Wibauthuis was a characteristic building in Amsterdam, located near the Rhijnspoorplein and the Wibautstraat.

The Wibauthuis was designed by architect Norbert Gawronski (1925) and the then Public Works Department of the City of Amsterdam. It was built during the..

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Wien Energie is known as an open, flexible, ecological and customer-oriented company. All these attributes are also included in the design. Just as Wien Energie supplies power and energy for an entire city the basic idea of the design is to develop a system that combines all the different..

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Wiener Festwochen, the annual six-week-long cultural festival of Vienna, commissioned the sculpture outside the festival center in the Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus. As with many of Vienna’s public spaces, this is a contested site: for years it has been defined by building-scale advertisements in..

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Wilhem Dieter's House was designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich in 1901 in Darmstadt, Germany. It a house within the Darmstadt Artists’ Colony.

[h]The Darmstadt Artists' colony[/h]
The artists’ colony was founded in 1899 by Ernest Ludwig, Grand Duke of Hesse. The goal was to develop modern and..

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Win-Win is a series of board games that play out climate risk scenarios. Win-Win models the impacts of sea level rise on real estate markets, social equity, and collective life. The games embody two kinds of ‘models’—economic and architectural—to serve as a new kind of decision-making tool for..

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Winery Casa da Torre

Louro - Vila Nova de Famalicao, Portugal
by Carlos Castanheira

The Winery of Casa da Torre already existed, as good wine was already being produced at the property. The will to produce more wine, better and in accordance with the new rules led to having to rethink the winery and inevitably to enlarge it. The siting and orientation are excellent. Half buried..

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Winter Badeschiff

Berlin, Germany
by Gilbert Wilk

The Winter-Badeschiff is a temporary construction which converts the Sommer-Badeschiff, a swimming pool floating in the river Spree into a sauna during the winter months. The Winter-Badeschiff has been opened for the first time in 2005. It is being dismantled at the end of every winter season to..

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Winter Cabin in Malalcahuello

Araucanía Region, Chile
by MC2 Arquitectos

Intended as a winter retreat with minimum dimensions, as a point of observation of nature. The refuge is a slightly inclined prism, oriented north and looking towards a small waterfall. A large window overlooking north presides. A series of smaller, strategically placed windows, allows..

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Wohnen mit scharf!

Vienna, Austria

The site of the former train station Nordbahnhof in the second district is currently considered one of the largest inner-city development areas in Vienna.
During a housing developer competition in 2010 the project “Wohnen mit alles!” came to live. It originated from the cooperation between a..

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Berlin, Germany
by Aldo Rossi

The building, designed by Aldo Rossi in 1981, was built in the years 1986-87.

Following the directions of the residential IBA Program for a housing complex for 83 apartments, the architect has created a building which incorporates the recognizable Berliner's architectural tradition.


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Wohnpark Alt-Erlaa

Wien, Austria
by Franz Requat, ...

Wohnpark Alt-Erlaa (roughly translated this stands Park Residences Alt-Erlaa) was conceived as the largest non-municipal housing development in Austria in the late sixties as part of a new urban development area near the city limits. It also includes the urban housing development "Am Schöpfwerk"..

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Wohnprojekt Wien is the name of an association of private people founded 2009 sharing the dream of an new way of living together in the city: sustainable, collaborative and open minded. The result is a collaborative housing project for 67 adults and 25 children, finished end of 2013, situated..

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Berlin, Germany
by Peter Stürzebecher, ...

The idea of DIY in building a new apartment in the form of a “Wohnregal” (residential shelving) was developed in an empty site in the heart of the city as an alternative concept to homes in the leafy suburbs. Instead of moving to the outskirts of a city, residents should stay in their district,..

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Wohnstadt Carl Legien

Berlin, Germany
by Bruno Taut

The so called Wohnstadt Carl Legien was built by Bruno Taut and Franz Hillinger in 1929 - 1930. The brief of the Berlin senate had called for a high-density residential development with five-storey buildings owing to the high cost of land, the estate being located near the city centre. The site..

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Wolfsburg Cultural Center

Wolfsburg, Germany
by Alvar Aalto

This structure in Wolfsburg, Germany designed by Alvar Aalto was originally conceived as a cultural center with four different functions: a public library, an institute for adult education (Volkshochschule), a youth center and a space for community events with terraces and lounges. On the ground..

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The conceptual master plan design for Wolkite university began by understanding the regional, local and university level opportunities that not only can make a great campus but also create leverage in the development of the whole region.

The university is a development initiator for the whole..

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The book "Women in Architecture | Contemporary architecture in Serbia since 1900" (Editor-in-chief: Milena Zindović), is the first publication on this topic in Serbia. The series of articles and interviews present a window into the work and lives of a number of successful women architects who..

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The women's centre, built in a suburb of Rufisque, offers facilities for the activities of the various organisations formed by the women. The idea and the spatial programme of the centre were born in co-operation with local women's groups. The building was carried out as an NGO project through..

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Wood Beach

Vinaròs, Spain
by Vicente Guallart

Vinaròs is a town on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, near the delta of the river Ebro, about halfway between Barcelona and Valencia. Its south shore is a succession of coves and promontories on a terrain composed of strata of easily fractured conglomerate rocks. The length of the coastline and..

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The organically shaped pendant lights combine function with sculptural interest, supplying interiors with softly diffused light. Distinguished by the innovative use of natural materials the series, created together with Franc Vehovar, belongs among most timeless examples of Slovenian design.

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Woodland, Utah, USA
by Highland Group



Location: Woodland, Utah
Type: Private Residence
Size: 7,640 sq. ft. (floor)
ICF Use: 5,775 sq. ft.
Cost: $4.8 million
Total Construction: 64 weeks
ICF Installation Time: 70 days



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Woods of Net

Hakone-Town, Japan
by Tezuka Architects

The new pavilion for the Hakone Open-Air Museum designed by Tezuka Architects is comprised of a structure entirely assembled with timber logs without any metal parts. Cutting-edge structural analysis has been employed to overcome the loads resistance variability that characterizes timber. The..

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The skyscraper was originally conceived by F. W. Woolworth, the founder of a brand of popular five-and-ten-cent stores, as a headquarters for his eponymous company. Woolworth planned the skyscraper jointly with the Irving National Exchange Bank, which also agreed to use the structure as its..

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The multi-purpose cultural center includes the cinema with wooden lining and the theater. The three-dimensional treatment of the entrance facade with vertical light gaps connects the green exterior and interior space. The external mosaics of Marijan Pregl emphasize the importance of the building.

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This workers’ club was constructed in 1927-1929 in an industrial area in Moscow for culture and entertainment purposes for the workers from the surrounding factories. The building is an ensemble consisting of an auditorium and different rooms for lecture and education.

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Workshop Siegen's distinctive form references the classic garage format with forecourt. The simple steel frame structure is fitted with fibreglass translucent panels to provide energy-efficient insulation and a softly diffused light inside, the latter feature facilitating productivity by creating..

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The World Trade Center is a complex of various buildings in Lower Manhattan, New York City, United States, replacing an earlier complex with the same name on the same site. The original World Trade Center was a complex of seven buildings. It featured landmark twin towers, which opened on April 4,..

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Wotruba Church

Vienna, Austria
by Fritz Wotruba, ...

The Wotruba Church was built between 1974 and 1976 according to plans by the Austrian artist and sculptor Fritz Wotruba. It consists of 152 naked blocks of concrete that are arranged in a seemingly loose way, opening gaps that are filled with glass and that allow light to enter the building.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

This building was the first large complex realized by MVRDV. Commissioned by the Het Oosten Housing Association, Wozoco - built between 1994 and 1997 - is a building of 100 homes for the population over 55 years. It is located in Ookmeerweg street in Amsterdam-Osdorp, a garden city west of..

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This rustic cabin is designed as a summer work studio and campsite. It is sited at the edge of a field with the porch oriented west towards the view. The cabin is wider and taller in the living/working area, and it narrows down to the sleeping area. The glazing is increased on the southern..

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Between 1906–1908 began the construction of the Market-Hall designed by Richard Plüddemann. The stalls from the New Market and neighboring streets were supposed to be transferred, reinforced concrete was not universally used in the building industry yet. Only two years earlier in France and..

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Wukang Building

Shanghai, China
by László Hudec

The Wukang Building is a protected historic apartment building in the former French Concession area of Shanghai. It was designed by László Hudec and completed in 1924. It is located at the southern end of Wukang Road, on the corner with Middle Huaihai Road, in Shanghai's Xuhui District. It is in..

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X House

Barcelona, Spain
by Cadaval & Sola-Morales

The X House project aims to solve by the definition of a system, language, or even through a unique form, a number of inquiries that rise up when we read the specific given site: how to protect and give protagonism to an impressive pine, that is located on the top of the site, and that makes..

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Calpe, Spain
by Ricardo Bofill

Xanadú is an experimental prototype that reflects the theory of a garden city in space. Built as part of the La Manzanera development, which also houses the nearby La Muralla Roja, the project contains 18 apartments intended to be summer homes.

The building began from the..

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XXS House

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Tina Gregorič, ...

Extra Extra Small House is located in a specific old part of the centre of Ljubljana. The neighborhood called Krakovo has a structure of a historical village, which was in the Middle Ages supplying the nearby monastery with fresh food and is today highly protected historical area. The basic..

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Hayama, Japan
by Atelier Tekuto

Yachiyo is the first project to be completed that is part of Atelier Tekuto's 'Relocation' project series. The building is situated 100 meters from the ocean in Hayama, Kanagawa prefecture. This is used as a secondary residence and temporary shop. The definition of Yachiyo in Japanese is 'a long..

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Yad Kennedy

Mateh Yehuda Regional Council, Israel
by David Resnick

Yad Kennedy (Hebrew: יד קנדי), located in the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council near Jerusalem, Israel, is a memorial to John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, who was assassinated in 1963.
The memorial, 60 feet high, is shaped like a felled tree trunk, symbolizing a life cut short. Inside..

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The Yale Art and Architecture Building (the "A&A Building") is one of the earliest and best known examples of Brutalist architecture in the United States. The building still houses Yale University's School of Architecture (it once also housed the School of Art) and is located in New Haven,..

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Yale University Art Gallery

New Haven, USA
by Louis Kahn, ...

The Gallery's main building was built in 1953 and was among the very first designed by Louis Kahn, who taught architecture at Yale. A complete renovation, which returned many spaces to Kahn's original vision, was completed in December 2006 by Polshek Partnership Architects. The older Tuscan..

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Kenzo Tange further developed his ideas for expandable urban forms in 1966 when he designed the Yamanashi Broadcasting and Press Centre in Kōfu.

It was designed for three media companies: a newspaper printing plant, a radio station and a television studio. To allow for future expansion Tange..

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Yamanashi Fruit Museum

Sohara Kou, Yamanashi, Japan
by Itsuko Hasegawa

Itsuko Hasegawa designed the Fruit Museum in the Yamanashi Prefecture near Mount Fuji in Japan. It was completed in 1997. The three shell-shaped buildings symbolize the "fruits" of spiritual sensuality, intelligence and lust.

As an expression of contextual ecology, white light shines through..

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The Yanda Residence was built by Architect, Albert J. Yanda for himself and his wife. The structure, built of steel, sits on what was considered for years to be an unbuildable lot. His creative response to the site is an introverted façade to the street and a soaring glass filled structure to the..

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A lot of people want to have a home near the beach to stay away from the troublesome living near the city. If you want to love a peaceful life together with your family, you must opt for home near the beach. There are lots of modern design beach houses nowadays.

View more:..

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10SELECT `Architect`.`id`, `Architect`.`old_id`, `Architect`.`user_id`, `Architect`.`comment_count`, `Architect`.`image_count`, `Architect`.`views`, `Architect`.`views_last_day`, `Architect`.`views_last_week`, `Architect`.`views_last_month`, `Architect`.`last_viewed`, `Architect`.`likes`, `Architect`.`nonlikes`, `Architect`.`created`, `Architect`.`modified`, `Architect`.`title`, `Architect`.`slug`, `Architect`.`date_of_birth`, `Architect`.`date_of_death`, `Architect`.`birthplace_city`, `Architect`.`birthplace_country`, `Architect`.`bio`, `Architect`.`html_biography`, `Architect`.`education`, `Architect`.`awards`, `Architect`.`company`, `Architect`.`history`, `Architect`.`quote`, `Architect`.`materials`, `Architect`.`sectors`, `Architect`.`tags`, `Architect`.`is_featured`, `Architect`.`last_featured_on`, `Architect`.`biography`, `Architect`.`start_year`, `Architect`.`start_month`, `Architect`.`start_day`, `Architect`.`end_year`, `Architect`.`end_month`, `Architect`.`end_day`, `Architect`.`texts`, `Architect`.`links`, `Architect`.`person`, `Architect`.`practice`, `Architect`.`practice_address`, `Architect`.`practice_city`, `Architect`.`practice_state`, `Architect`.`practice_zip`, `Architect`.`practice_country_id`, `Architect`.`practice_website`, `Architect`.`associates`, `Architect`.`deleted`, `Architect`.`deleted_date`, `Architect`.`is_incomplete`, `Architect`.`incomplete_date`, `ArchitectsArchitecture`.`id`, `ArchitectsArchitecture`.`architect_id`, `ArchitectsArchitecture`.`architecture_id`, `ArchitectsArchitecture`.`_order`, `ArchitectsArchitecture`.`created` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` JOIN `architects_architectures` AS `ArchitectsArchitecture` ON (`ArchitectsArchitecture`.`architecture_id` IN ('5cc54802-f4cc-4637-973d-3ba36d7b5e1b', '4fa17c00-4810-466a-8e28-1a786d7b5f76', '5a5f0dd8-5340-45c3-af90-52c96d7b5e1b', '584d8feb-3f40-4927-93f8-40486d7b5e1b', '4b46391e-cac4-4d9b-889a-0a6bb372233b', '5147299f-bea0-4481-bfa8-51f06d7b5f76', '4d617fe9-6ff4-473d-80bc-72696d7b5f76', '51430d3a-2918-4faf-8717-6e276d7b5f76', '5460c645-7784-48bf-a579-276f6d7b5e1b', '5aad9a45-a758-4f70-ad59-65266d7b5e1b', '516ff8ed-a6c4-468c-bbfa-2ed76d7b5f76', '5c60f679-4618-4c02-b9ec-115d6d7b5e1b', '588888a9-7cf8-4d5d-bd96-31336d7b5e1b', '4b463916-4230-4aad-9e6d-0a6bb372233b', '52e7955a-a91c-48dd-bad3-47826d7b5e1b', '53e9c0cf-567c-4825-ace6-7cb96d7b5e1b', '58dbb293-b150-442b-a2a6-6d0e6d7b5e1b', '500b08b2-b740-4956-b3df-73ba6d7b5f76', '53bd8905-21a8-4ab8-aa86-08126d7b5e1b', '5cab10bc-130c-4e6c-9515-383a6d7b5e1b', '4b46391e-bdd8-486d-b91f-0a6bb372233b', '4d67a83e-e670-4d38-8e3a-4e316d7b5f76', '5ac33d77-48a4-4ff1-bbe1-2b186d7b5e1b', '5cab57e5-1190-40f4-9eff-416c6d7b5e1b', '4f0b62fa-6680-4ba5-9a0f-36ae6d7b5f76', '4eb25a98-3c34-4d5d-b852-71586d7b5f76', '59610b9c-dba8-4826-8939-335a6d7b5e1b', '5c5e4ae9-6f6c-4bd1-a5c9-4d686d7b5e1b', '4eb014a0-e5b0-42a7-adcc-2cbc6d7b5f76', '5da30981-47dc-414c-ac39-66ff6d7b5e1b', '59c9d686-66b4-4a4d-81fb-798e6d7b5e1b', '4d75f4e2-390c-4c1c-990d-51926d7b5f76', '51a723ce-fbac-4e6c-aa2f-71e86d7b5f76', '515332e5-9f48-4643-acd8-03056d7b5f76', '50032585-7074-41a8-a302-69fa6d7b5f76', '4f33a4f2-7ee0-40ea-b11f-77686d7b5f76', '5a12d36b-1df4-48f1-86d3-2ec16d7b5e1b', '4eb7a351-8508-4600-aef9-130f6d7b5f76', '59816ff4-83a8-40dc-a282-0eb56d7b5e1b', '511e9101-1e8c-4295-aba1-01e86d7b5f76', '516d1d4b-361c-4c66-9db0-35d66d7b5f76', '53159963-8750-4c67-af26-35a66d7b5e1b', '50c732b2-eed4-4c2b-9858-0aa46d7b5f76', '4f99497e-10e8-40c8-a251-78e36d7b5f76', '4d5bdf5f-78b0-42cc-bcc7-6a156d7b5f76', '4f0d6d23-f234-42d8-b798-71856d7b5f76', '4f323dda-f4e8-435e-9fcc-5ca66d7b5f76', '4b463915-b378-492d-8ced-0a6bb372233b', '50e42985-ee48-4503-84ba-020a6d7b5f76', '5ac354ad-8324-466d-8fd9-2b186d7b5e1b') AND `ArchitectsArchitecture`.`architect_id` = `Architect`.`id`) 6464392
11SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Oscar Niemeyer' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
12SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1114
13SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Martin Wagner' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
14SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Bruno Ahrends' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
15SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Wilhelm Büning' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 111210
16SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Otto Rudolf Salvisberg' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1114
17SELECT `Image`.`id`, `Image`.`aiid`, `Image`.`user_id`, `Image`.`model`, `Image`.`foreign_id`, `Image`.`description`, `Image`.`author`, `Image`.`license`, `Image`.`source_name`, `Image`.`source_link`, `Image`.`orig_url`, `Image`.`lg_url`, `Image`.`bg_url`, `Image`.`md_url`, `Image`.`sm_url`, `Image`.`th_url`, `Image`.`is_cropped`, `Image`.`orig_width`, `Image`.`orig_height`, `Image`.`_order`, `Image`.`modified`, `Image`.`created`, `Architecture`.`title`, `Architecture`.`slug`, `Architect`.`title`, `Architect`.`slug` FROM `images` AS `Image` LEFT JOIN `architectures` AS `Architecture` ON (`Image`.`foreign_id` = `Architecture`.`id`) LEFT JOIN `architects` AS `Architect` ON (`Image`.`foreign_id` = `Architect`.`id`) WHERE `Image`.`aiid` = 498 LIMIT 1115
18SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Peter Behrens' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1115
19SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'Behrens House' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 111214
20SELECT `Image`.`id`, `Image`.`aiid`, `Image`.`user_id`, `Image`.`model`, `Image`.`foreign_id`, `Image`.`description`, `Image`.`author`, `Image`.`license`, `Image`.`source_name`, `Image`.`source_link`, `Image`.`orig_url`, `Image`.`lg_url`, `Image`.`bg_url`, `Image`.`md_url`, `Image`.`sm_url`, `Image`.`th_url`, `Image`.`is_cropped`, `Image`.`orig_width`, `Image`.`orig_height`, `Image`.`_order`, `Image`.`modified`, `Image`.`created`, `Architecture`.`title`, `Architecture`.`slug`, `Architect`.`title`, `Architect`.`slug` FROM `images` AS `Image` LEFT JOIN `architectures` AS `Architecture` ON (`Image`.`foreign_id` = `Architecture`.`id`) LEFT JOIN `architects` AS `Architect` ON (`Image`.`foreign_id` = `Architect`.`id`) WHERE `Image`.`aiid` = 5652 LIMIT 11118
21SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'Finlandia Hall' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
22SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Milena Zindović' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 11114
23SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Milica Krstić' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 11114
24SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Milica Šterić' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 11113
25SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Ivanka Raspopović' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1116
26SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'Flatiron Building' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1114
27SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'La Muralla Roja' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1114
28SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Atelier Tekuto' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1114
29SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Frank Lloyd Wright' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 111216
30SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Le Corbusier' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
31SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'Trenton Bath House' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1114