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Vienna, Austria
by gaupenraub+/-

VinziRast-mittendrin is a result of the Vienna Audimax Occupation by students in 2009. The rebuilt and extended Biedermeier building is a pilot project in the area of community living. Since the opening in spring of 2013, students live together with formerly homeless persons in 10 living..

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VIP Pavilion

Sihanouk, Cambodia
by Vann Molyvann

Vann Molyvann constructed 1963 the VIP Pavilion at the former Siem Reap domestic airport, with its jutting V-shaped glass walls, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.
The building was demolished and only few examples of the influential Cambodian architect’s work still remain in Siem Reap domestic..

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Virasat-E-Khalsa Museum

Anandpur Sahib, India
by Moshe Safdie

The Khalsa Heritage Centre is a museum of the Sikh people located in the holy town of Anandpur Sahib, near Chandigarh in the Punjab state. The museum celebrates 500 years of Sikh history and the 300th anniversary of Khalsa, the scriptures written by the 10th and last Guru, Gobind Singh, founder..

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Architectural Design Studio, Dubai - UAE
Project 461:- Cut Section Of 3D Floor Plan Residential Apartment
Client: - 852. Kathryn
Location: - Dubai -UAE

3D Virtual Interactive Floor Plan Design Surrounding Serenic Nature Landscape make a more extravagant view with 3D Interior Rendering of..

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Višnjička Banja

Belgrade, Serbia
by Ljiljana Bakić, ...

Višnjička banja is an urban village in the east of Belgrade, located about six kilometers from the Republic square. It was built as a planned settlement in several stages. The first stage was completed in the mid- sixties years of the 20th century, when it was built the old part of the village..

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Vitra Fire Station

Weil am Rhein, Switzerland
by Zaha Hadid

The Vitra Fire Station in Weil am Rhein was Zaha Hadid's first built project. The relatively small structure serves as a showcase for the unusual shapes and angles that architectural critics had admired in her conceptual work throughout the 1980s, with un-built projects such as her winning entry..

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Weil am Rhein, Germany
by Herzog & de Meuron

Over the past few years Vitra has acquired a wide-ranging Home Collection. The quantity and variety of objects by many different designers led to the idea of building a showroom to present the items to the public. A shop, a cafe linked to the outside and conference rooms complete the program.
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VM Houses

Copenhagen, Denmark
by Julien De Smedt, ...

If people are different then why are all apartments alike?

The VM Houses are two residential blocks formed as the letters V and M. The blocks are formed as such to allow for daylight, privacy and views. The vis-à-vis with the neighbour is eliminated by pushing the slab in its centre, ensuring..

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The architect received an urgent call from a client asking him to transform a modest wooden frame shelter (covered with tile) into a renovated and bigger garden pavilion. It was a basic construction in a eclectic yard landscape serving a luxury villa. The house was surrounded by successive kitsch..

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VODAFONE LIFE, LIFE IN MOTION. This sentence reflects the attitude and philosophy of Vodafone.

Architects Barbosa & Guimarães believe that the new building should be faithful to this idea, adopting a dynamic image, conveying the sense of movement, challenging the static.

Seeking inspiration..

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Berlin, Germany
by Oskar Kaufmann

The Volksbühne ("People's Theatre") is a theater in Berlin, Germany. Located in Berlin's city center Mitte on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Rosa Luxemburg Square) in what was the GDR's capital.

The Volksbühne was built during the years 1913 to 1914 and was designed by Oskar Kaufmann, with integrated..

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Volodymyrskyi market

Kyiv, Ukraine

Volodymyrs'kyi market is a big communal market in Kyiv.
On the territory of the market, there is also a functioning church located.
In March 2010, the Kyiv municipal council cancelled privatization of the building of Zhytnyi and of Volodymyrskyi communal markets.

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Belgrade, Serbia
by Branislav Kojic

The palace is composed of two volumes with a variety of programs located in two separate buildings and connected by walkways on the ground and second floor. In the front street building there is administration, directorate, library, office director with lounge and apartments for the staff. In the..

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Saint-Ours-Les-Roches, France
by Hans Hollein

Situated within extinct volcanoes on an altitude of 1.000 m this complex serves to inform about, educate on and experience the primeval forces of nature and the creation of our planet. It is highly symbolically charged, with an aura of mystery, the descent into the Earth - the sketches to forward..

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Alvar Aalto Library in Vyborg (Viipuri Library), which was designed by Alvar Aalto and completed in 1935, is a masterpiece of International Modernism in both European and global terms. At the time of its completion, the town of Viipuri was part of Finland, but was ceded to the Soviet Union after..

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COMMERCIAL KITCHENS were factories for public food service and enterprises for mass production of ready-to-serve and semi-finished meals. They were built in Leningrad at the end of the 1920s - beginning of the 1930s with the purpose of providing hot meals to workers of industrial enterprises and..

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The Wachovia Bank Building introduced two architectural features that Abramovitz would deploy in several of his later office buildings. The most striking was the precast-concrete curtain wall—according to Architectural Record, the first of its kind. Beside allowing a rich but simple rhythm of..

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Walden 7

Sant Just Desvern, Spain
by Ricardo Bofill

Walden 7 is inspired in vernacular architecture. This residential building built in 1974 by Ricardo Bofill consists of a fourteen-storey cluster of apartments grouped around five courtyards. With few exceptions, all apartments face both outwards and into one of the courtyards. The multi-level..

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Waldsiedlung Lichtenberg is a housing estate designed by Peter Behrens in 1915 and built from 1919 to 1920. The estate comprises buildings in Leipnitzstraße, Hegemeisterweg, Drosselstieg, Fuchsbau, Gleyeweg and Oskarstraße.

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Walker House

Sanibel Island, Florida, USA
by Paul Rudolph

The Walker House is one of the first works of Paul Rudolph built between 1952 and 1953, where his first evidenced in which the structure was the factor that generated design. In 1951, when Rudolph was the junior partner of the firm Twitchell & Rudolph, they designed a large house to be situated..

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Wall House 2

Groningen, Netherlands
by John Hejduk

The Wall House was originally designed by John Hejduk in 1973, it was 28 years after it was designed and 1 year after the death of the architect before it was built. The house has ended up being constructed in a completely different location than intended.

Hejduk's original residential..

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The Walt Disney Concert Hall is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center. Bounded by Hope Street, Grand Avenue, and 1st and 2nd Streets, it seats 2,265 people and serves (among other purposes) as the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. It was..

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Walter Gropius House

Berlin, Germany
by Jean Fletcher, ...

The Walter Gropius House is a residential building with nine floors and 66 apartments at the Händelallee 1-9 in Berlin Hansaviertel, bordering its central Grosser Tiergarten park. It was designed by Walter Gropius and The Architects Collaborative - TAC (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) in..

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The starting point of our Wannenraum project is Covelano marble and everything that has formed it over millions of years. After being shaped by heat, pressure and time, marble blocks are cut out of the mountain. Similar forces are now forming the flowing shapes of the Wannenraum design,..

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Castle Katzenstein in Begunje was used as a Gestapo prison during the time of Nazi occupation with members of the resistance being held and tortured there. Today, part of the castle houses a Museum of the Victims while in the park by the castle and in nearby Draga, two burial sites for 667..

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Warm Mineral Springs Motel

Sarasota, Florida, USA
by Victor Lundy

Warm Mineral Springs Motel is a historic 1958 motel designed by Victor Lundy, a member of the Sarasota School of Architecture. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The motel is known for its mushroom Champagne glass style roof and glass walls, allowing guests to see the..

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Warner House

New Canaan, USA
by John Johansen

Warner House, also known as Bridge House, was designed by John Johansen. Johansen was a member of the colloquially termed 'Harvard 5', along with Marcel Breuer, Philip Johnson, Landis Gores and Eliot Noyes.

Warner house is a Neo-Palladian structure, designed during what the architect..

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Twin market halls situated in Mirów district close to the strict center of Warsaw. Both halls has been constructed between 1899-1901 when Warsaw was under Russian Empire control and the Russian general was a city's president.

The halls are a perfect example of the late XIX century historicism..

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Central Railway Station (Warszawa Centralna) is the primary railway station in Warsaw, Poland. Designed by architect Arseniusz Romanowicz, its construction began in 1972 and was completed in 1975. The station, located on the Warsaw Cross-City Line, features four underground island platforms with..

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Washington Dulles International Airport is a public airport in Dulles, Virginia, 26 miles (41.6 km) west of downtown Washington, D.C. The airport serves the Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia metropolitan area centered on the District of Columbia. It is named after John Foster Dulles,..

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Waste Disposal Station

Delft, Netherlands
by UNStudio

Ben van Berkel designed a waste-disposal station in Delft in the Netherlands betwen 1995-2000. This unit was introduced to encourage complete recycling and the breaking down of household waste. The purpose of the waste-disposal installation was approached from the point of view of the collected..

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Water Cube

Beijing, China
by PTW Architects

In July 2003, the Water Cube design was chosen from 10 proposals in an international architectural competition for the aquatic center project.The Water Cube was specially designed and built by a consortium made up of PTW Architects, the engineering firm Arup, CSCEC (China State Construction..

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Water Temple

Awaji Island, Japan
by Tadao Ando

Few of Tadao Ando's projects represent the architect's contribution to Japanese culture better than his Water Temple: more than a building, it is a sensorial experience representing a radical change in the age-old tradition of Japanese temple architecture

In something more than a simple..

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Waterloo CITY'zen

Waterloo, Belgium
by BFArchitecture

City'Zen is a neighborhood where all generations (families, youth, elderly) can live together and where different types of programs are combined. The site is an area with a level difference, where the university has already a campus building: Musica Mundi. The idea is to redraw the site in a star..

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Waterloo International Railway Station was designed by Grimshaw Architects in collaboration with Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners.
It cost £120 million and was completed in time for the scheduled completion of the Channel Tunnel. Construction of the Tunnel was delayed and the station was not open..

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The Watershed, a 70-square-foot, off the grid writer’s retreat in Wren, Oregon, USA designed by Erin Moore.

Professor and nature writer Kathleen Dean Moore wanted a studio in which to write and observe the wetland ecosystem on the banks of the Marys River. Calling on the design expertise of an..

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Watertower of Living

Soest, Netherlands
by Zecc Architecten

The water tower, which dates from 1931, was converted into an unparalled twenty-first-century home spread over nine levels by Zecc Architecten.

Many challenges are faced in the design: letting more daylight in and strengthening the relationship with the back courtyard by inserting a..

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Watervilla De Omval

Amsterdam, Netherlands
by +31 Architects

The Watervilla de Omval of +31 Architects is a tautly designed houseboat, floating in the Amstel river of Amsterdam. The design has, unlike most floating houses, a very contemporary design without losing the characteristic appearance of the typical houseboat.

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Norrköping, Sweden
by Spridd, Etat

Swedish award winning design reinterprets industrial heritage

Spridd and Etat´s award winning design for the residential building in Norrköping is now realized. The project “Weave” won the international competition MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Award in 2013 in the prestigious..

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Wedding Palace

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
by Polimeks

The Wedding Palace “Bagt Koshgi” (Palace of Happiness) was inaugurated in Ashgabat in the days of celebration of the 20th anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence. The Wedding Palace has already registered the first pairs of newlyweds. The building with original architecture was erected in the..

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The Wedding Palace or Palace of Rituals in Tbilisi is a masterpiece of Victor Djorbenadze. The building, drawing on influences as diverse as 1920s expressionism and medieval Georgian church architecture, met with mixed critical reviews. Like the cemetery complex, the wedding palace was intended..

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Wedding Tower

Darmstadt, Germany
by Joseph Maria Olbrich

The wedding tower, or Hochzeitsturm, was designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich. It forms part of the exhibition halls within the Darmstadt artists' colony.

It was commissioned by the Grand Duke of Hesse Ernst Ludwig as an impressive monument to commemorate his second marriage to Princess Eleonore..

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Weekend Club

Berlin, Germany
by Robertneun

This bar in a high-rise office building built in the former GDR in the centre of Berlin is making references to the many improvised and often short-lived party locations that shot up in Berlin in the late 90s although here the simple materials which are used for the interiors give the club a..

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Weissenhof Estate

Stuttgart, Germany
by Jacobus Oud, ...

The Weissenhof Estate is one of the most significant landmarks left by the movement known as "Neues Bauen”. The development was erected in 1927 as a residential building exhibition arranged by the City of Stuttgart and the Deutscher Werkbund. Working under the artistic direction of Ludwig Mies..

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Welbeck Street Car Park

London, United Kingdom
by Michael Blampied

In the 1960s Debenhams department stores planned a new, flagship store on London’s Oxford Street. Westminster Council’s planning regulations at that time required such schemes to provide parking facilities, hence, a car park was commissioned behind the new shop and opposite the head offices,..

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Werkbund Housing Vienna

Vienna, Austria
by Oswald Haerdtl, ...

The Werkbundsiedlung is an experimental housing scheme in the outskirts of Vienna originally constructed under the guidance of the architect Josef Frank between 1930 and 1932.

Founded in Germany in 1907 the Deutscher Werkbund, or German Work Federation, was an association of architects,..

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Werner House was designed as a Prussian cottage house. The garden designed by Mies is the only one, which has been preserved in Germany.

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The Weston Library, Oxford is a vital resource for academic research. In 2006,
WilkinsonEyre undertook the refurbishment of the building as a new cultural and intellectual landmark. Part of the University of Oxford’s world famous Bodleian Library, the Grade Il listed building was originally..

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11SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Oskar Kaufmann' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
12SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'Wolfsburg Cultural Center' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
13SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'Cooper Union School' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
14SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Walter Gropius' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1112
15SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'The Architects Collaborative' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1117
16SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'Republic Square' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1116
17SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Victor Lundy' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1116
18SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Marcel Breuer' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1112
19SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Philip Johnson' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1112
20SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'Napraforgó Street' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
21SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Michael Blampied' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1115
22SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Josef Frank' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
23SELECT `Architecture`.`slug` FROM `architectures` AS `Architecture` WHERE `title` = 'Weissenhof Estate ' AND `Architecture`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
24SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Josef Hoffmann' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1112
25SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Clemens Holzmeister' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
26SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Adolf Loos' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1112