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The skyscraper was originally conceived by F. W. Woolworth, the founder of a brand of popular five-and-ten-cent stores, as a headquarters for his eponymous company. Woolworth planned the skyscraper jointly with the Irving National Exchange Bank, which also agreed to use the structure as its..

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Jeddah Tower

Obhur Al-Shamaliyah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture

The building has been scaled down from its initial one mile high (5,280 ft) proposal, which was never fully designed, to a height of at least 1,000 meters (3,281 ft) (the exact height is being kept private while in development, similar to the Burj Khalifa). At about one kilometre,Jeddah Tower..

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One World Trade Center (1 World Trade Center, 1 WTC) is the primary building of the new World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan, New York City, New York. The 104-story supertall skyscraper stands on the northwest corner of the 16 acres (6.5 ha) World Trade Center site, occupying the..

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Burj Khalifa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
by Adrian Smith

Burj Kalifa is known as Burj Dubai before its inauguration is a supertall skyscraper constructed in the Downtown Burj Dubai district of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is the tallest man-made structure ever built. Construction began on September 21st 2004, and the tower was offiially opened on..

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IBA Berlin 1987

Berlin, Germany
by Hardt-Waltherr Hämer, ...

The International Building Exhibition 1987 (IBA) was an architectural exhibition and an urban planning concept of the Berlin Senate to regain the West Berlin city ​​center as a residential location. The idea came from the Berlin senate building director Hans-Christian Müller. The early urban..

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Berlin, Germany
by Aldo Rossi

The building, designed by Aldo Rossi in 1981, was built in the years 1986-87.

Following the directions of the residential IBA Program for a housing complex for 83 apartments, the architect has created a building which incorporates the recognizable Berliner's architectural tradition.


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Dagewo project is one of the first built designs of Zaha Hadid, completed within the International Building Exhibition Berlin 1987 - IBA Berlin 1987.

For IBA Block 2, so-called "women's block", building by and for women was a topic to be addressed. The fact that young Zaha Hadid was selected..

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Bonjour Tristesse

Berlin, Germany
by Alvaro Siza, ...

The building on Schlesische Str. 1-9 was constructed as part of the IBA 1987. Siza designed the building in a way that it integrated well with the surrounding blocks. At the same time the roofline and plan shape are very unfamiliar to Berlin. The building didn't get his name by the architect,..

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