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Petra Winery

Suvereto, Italy
by Mario Botta

Mario Botta Petra chose to create a powerful symbol within the landscape rather than build a more conventional industrial complex. At Petra the world-class architect went beyond designing an impressive wine cellar, but also included the outlay of the vineyards in his aim to form a contemporary..

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Institute of Education

London, United Kingdom
by Denys Lasdun

Lasdun was commissioned by the University of London in 1960 to develop the concept of a spinal range along Bedford Way and to its north which had been published by Sir Leslie Martin and Trevor Dannatt the year before. His task was to integrate the new buildings within an existing urban fabric,..

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Pirelli Tower

Milan, Italy
by Pier Luigi Nervi, ...

In contrast with its traditional Milanese surroundings, the Pirelli Tower is one of the earliest examples of Modern skyscrapers in Italy. Affectionately called “Il Pirellone” (The Big Pirelli), the 127 meter tower stood as Italy’s tallest building from 1958 to 1995. Gio Ponti and Pier Luigi Nervi..

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Christi Auferstehung is a Catholic church in the district of Lindenthal in Cologne. It was built between 1968-1970 by architect Gottfried Böhm and later consecrated in 1971. It is regarded as a typical example of sculptural buildings by the architect and there are similarities in the design with

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Monte Amiata Housing

Milan, Italy
by Carlo Aymonino, ...

Monte Amiata Housing is a residential complex in the Gallaratese district of Milan, Italy, designed by architects Carlo Aymonino and Aldo Rossi in the late 1960s. It is referred to as the "Red Dinosaur" in reference both to the reddish color of the buildings and the oddity of their design. The..

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Teatro Continuo

MIlano, Italy
by Alberto Burri

Through this art work Burri expressed its interest in the theater, widening the notion of scene to urban space and adhering to the demand for socializing and sharing. A 17x10m concrete basement with six steel wings will compose a “free” scenography in an open-air theater. It has been built for..

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Parco Centrale

Roma, Italy
by Franco Purini, ...

Parco Centrale has been part of the third edition (1979) of Estate Romana.

The architects Franco Purini and Laura Thermes were invited to transform the constellation of single initiatives into a coordinated project on an urban scale, the Parco Centrale, in order to extend the focus of Rome’s..

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It has been a public event organized by Renato Nicolini that for a decade has been the point of reference for the cultural development of the Italian capital. Organized each summer from the 77' has been a moment of strong experimentation of the use of public space with the use of the Ephemeral. Add to a collection

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