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Penguin Pool, London Zoo

London, United Kingdom
by Tecton, ...

In 1934, London Zoo (the Regent's Park zoo in London) unveiled its famous spiral-ramped "Penguin Pool," designed by Tecton, an influential architectural firm led by Russian emigre Berthold Lubetkin. Tecton's innovative Modernist design was unusually elegant and playful and one of the first uses..

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Seebad Breitenbrunn

Breitenbrunn, Austria

The design for the „Masterplan Seebad Breitenbrunn“ was created in collaboration with ‘Best(un)Built’ and ‘Alles ist Landschaft’ within an EU-wide open competition call. Even though we didn’t win we are happy about a nomination among the top 5 of a total of 50 participants.

The city of..

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Student Housing Eichkamp

Berlin, Germany
by Ludwig Leo, ...

The student housing complex in Eichkamp in the suburbs of what later was to become West Berlin was one of the first student accommodations to be built in post-war Germany.

The architects started to work on the project when they were still students. In the beginning they had no funding,and they..

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Villa Drusch

Versailles, France
by Claude Parent

The French architect Claude Parent, whose work lies equally in written theory and physical structures, designed the Villa Drusch as a home which embodies his theory of Oblique Architecture.

Built in Versailles in 1963, this home built for the industrialist Gaston Drusch is primarily..

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The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization was founded in 1946, at the end of the World War II, with the aim of promoting peace, scientific co-operation and cultural exchange. In 1995 UNESCO celebrated its 50th anniversary.

On recommendation from the Director General..

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Church on the Water

Hokkaido, Japan
by Tadao Ando

Found sloping down towards a small river in a clearing of beech trees, the element of nature apparent in all the architecture of Tadao Ando initiates subliminal experiences in this Church on the Water in Tomamu, Japan.

To the west, the church is surrounded by hills and trees, and a resort..

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Langen Foundation was conceived according to plans of the Japanese architect Tadao Ando and opened in September of 2004.
On the banks of the river Erft, on the outskirts of Dusseldorf, is an art museum known as Island of Hombroich (Insel Hombroich). As indicated by the name..

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