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The new building for the Akademie der Künste in Berlin was built in 2005 by Behnisch Architekten. The exterior regular steel and glass façade prelude to an amazing and glazed interior, made of steel and glass stairs which cross each other. The building is used for exibition purposes and cultural..

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Akshay Pratishthan

New Delhi, India
by Revathi Kamath

The Akshay Pratishthan School Annexe was designed to meet the evolving needs of educating and imparting skills to differently able children along with students from disadvantaged backgrounds, to enable them to learn and live together.

This structure was designed and built in two months while..

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Al Mutawaa Tower

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
by DL architect, ...

The design concept for Al Mutawaa Tower in Dubai is based on the torsion of its storeys around a fixed core. As a consequence, the tower varies in its appearance from every angle and offers various unexpected perspectives. Metal rings in front of the facade not only emphasize the flowing shape of..

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Al Qasba Theatre

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
by magma architecture

The Al Qasba is the main cultural centre of the Emirate of Sharjah. It consists of two 150 m long, four storey buildings that facing each other on the two banks of the Qasba Canal. They house art galleries, theatres, shops, restaurants and offices.

The Eye of the Emirates Ferris wheel at the..

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Al Rostamini Headquarters

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
by MAD Architects

The new headquarters for Al Rostamini, by Beijing architecture outfit MAD, in Dubai’s waterfront business area are conceived as a hovering slab that rather than cutting the line between the public and the water gives a clear view and entrance to it. This building will float by 9 diagonal tubes..

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The al-Shaheed Monument (Arabic: نُصب الشهيد‎), also known as the Martyr's Memorial, is a monument in the Iraqi capital Baghdad dedicated to the Iraqi soldiers who died in the Iran-Iraq war. The Monument was opened in 1983, and was designed by the Iraqi architect Saman Kamal and the Iraqi..

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Albanija Palace

Belgrade, Serbia
by Miladin Prljević

The competition for the Palace of the Commercial Mortgage Bank fund was announced on January 14 in 1938. Winners in this architectural competition were Branko Bon and Milorad Grakalić. The authors of the design were architects Branko Bon, Milorad Grakalić, Miladin Prljević and engineer Đorđe..

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Albert Frey House II

Palm Springs, USA
by Albert Frey

Albert Frey, one of the most important modern architects of our time, lived and worked in Palm Springs since 1934. Over a long and prolific career, he produced more than 200 building designs, including such notable local landmarks as the Palm Springs City Hall and the Aerial Tramway Valley..

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A place for fun, a place for pleasure.

The main challenge at Albertina Passage was to recreate an abandoned pedestrian underpass at the very center of Vienna into a modern dinner club for up to 300 persons. Our target was to design a club that is suitable for an elegant dinner as well as for a..

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Milan, Italy
by SET Architects

ALBUM “a collection of 10 photos” has been declared the winning proposal of Exhib-it!, a competition promoted by Florim4Architects. It will be on display during the Milanese Design Week inside the central flagship store of Florim, a world leader in ceramics. The proposal was awarded by a jury..

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Alesia Museum

Alise-Sainte-Reine, France
by Bernard Tschumi

No More Information Available.

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The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a Serbian Orthodox church in Belgrade. It was built in the style of Morava school in 1877. It is located in the Dorćol in the municipality of Stari Grad. Like all Alexander Nevsky Cathedrals and churches, it is named after the Russian national Saint Alexander..

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Alexandra Road Estate

London, United Kingdom
by Neave Brown

Alexandra Road is London terrace house with the design of high-density public housing. Alexandra road represents the application of the terraced theme on an enormous scale.

The long site is consisted of three parallel rows of dwellings. Two rows of terraced apartments are aligned along the..

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All Saints Church

Budapest, Hungary
by István Szabó

The Roman Catholic Parish Church of the Budapest-Farkasrét area stands on the hilly Buda side of the capital, right across the main entrance of the Farkasrét cemetery. Sculptural forms of the façade clearly show the public and sacral character. The building mass is split into two parts: the..

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All-Black House

Wojnówko, Poland
by TEŻ Architekci

The house is located in the village, near the lake and the forest. The unique character of this place is created by many birch trees growing on the plot. The main goal was to place the design of the house in the space between the trees, while adjusting the maximum exposure to the sun. Internal..

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All-Russia Exhibition Centre (Всероссийский выставочный центр - called also: "All-Russian Exhibition Center") is a permanent general-purpose trade show in Moscow, Russia.
The "All-Russia Exhibition Centre" is a state joint-stock company, officially abbreviated as GAO "VVC", which stands for..

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Aloni House

Antiparos, Greece
by decaArchitecture

The design of the house is a dual response to the particular topography of the site and to the rural domestication techniques that in the past shaped the raw ‘Cycladic island’ landscape.

In the past, dry-rubble stone walls domesticated the land for agricultural purposes and were the most..

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Alpine Cabin

Port Hardy, Canada
by Scott & Scott Architects

The cabin was constructed out of a desire to directly design and build as a singular act, to work with the freedom one experiences when snowboarding, and in a manner which is centered in the adventure and not bound heavily in pre-determination.

The structure consists of douglas fir columns,..

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The building of Alpine hotel Celjska koča is situated on an exposed natural plateau at the foot of the ski run bearing the same name and replaces the mountain cabin which became obsolete and required demolishing. The panoramic view toward the valley and the rocky hilltop of Grmada represents the..

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Alps Villa

brescia, Italy
by Camillo Botticini

No More Information Available.

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A comprehensive refurbishment of an office building designed by the architects Fargas and Tous during the 90s. The proposal aims to increase the energy efficiency, reduce the building maintenance, achieve the LED certification and update the public image of the offices. To do so, the project..

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Alta Shopping Centre

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Studio nonstop

The Alta Shopping Centre is in the form of a markedly vertical, continuous winding strip of shopping street defining the three-dimensional structure of the urban hub of pedestrian flows.
The Shopping Centre is in Marijin-dvor in central Sarajevo, on one of the city’s main crossroads, both a..

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The Altes Museum, built between 1823 and 1830 and designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, is one of the most important works of Neoclassical architecture. With its clearly ordered exterior and an interior structure designed with exacting precision in the ancient Greek style, Schinkel pursued..

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The Altis Belém Hotel & Spa is a hotel located in Lisbon, Portugal, just a few steps from Tagus River, between two main monuments representing the Portuguese Discoveries: the Belém Tower and Padrão dos Descobrimentos, and..

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Alton Estate

London, United Kingdom
by Rosemary Stjernstedt

The Alton Estate is a large council estate situated in Roehampton, southwest London. One of the largest council estates (public housing) in the UK, it occupies an extensive area of land west of Roehampton village and runs between the Roehampton Lane through-road and Richmond Park Golf Courses.
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Alvega Canoeing Center

Alvega, Portugal
by ateliermob

With the same area and volume of the previous building, the new Canoeing Center is also located at the river beach of Alvega. Its proximity to the Tagus river, in a regularly flooded area during the winter, determined its position, raised above ground level – increasing the ground permeability –,..

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Alvorada Palace

Brasília, Brazil
by Oscar Niemeyer

he Palácio da Alvorada (Portuguese pronunciation: [paˈlasju dɐ awvoˈɾadɐ]) is the official residence of the President of Brazil. It is located in the national capital of Brasília, on a peninsula at the margins of Paranoá Lake. The building was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and built between 1957 and..

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Amani Grand Mactan

Lapu-Lapu CIty, Philippines

Amani Grand Mactan is ideally located in Matumbo, Lapu-Lapu City, accessible to all important places such as malls and supermarkets, hospitals, schools, banks and is very near the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. It is also just a 15-minute drive from Mandaue City and Cebu City.

It used to..

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In cooperation with the British NGO Alongside Africa, a group of students from the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy designed the Amasiko-transit home for children from the streets. The building has two bedrooms for a total of 16 children, an administrative..

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The Ambulance Station is located on Kaiser-Eberdorferstraße and is responsible for the whole 11th district in Vienna. It was designed by Söhne&Partner Architects and officially opened in May 2013.

The complex combines two different functional areas – the garage and the staff rooms. Even..

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The America's Cup Building in Valencia, Spain was designed by architect David Chipperfield, inaugurated in 2006 and has won numerous architectural awards, including the RIBA European awards 2007. It was nominated for the Sterling Prize in 2007. It is also known locally as 'Veles e Vents'.


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American Air Museum

Duxford, United Kingdom
by Foster + Partners

Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire was a Battle of Britain fighter station and is now maintained by the Imperial War Museum.
The brief for the Air Museum sought to create a building that would commemorate the role of the American Air Force in World War II and the thousands of airmen who lost..

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The American Cement Company's building on Wilshire Boulevard was built not just to house its headquarters, but to showcase the strength, construction advantages, and architectural possibilities of concrete.

A better showcase for the humble material cannot be found, as this building is both a..

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The United States established diplomatic relations with India in 1946, the year prior to its independence from Great Britain and formal recognition by the United States. Plans for the construction of the American Embassy in New Delhi began in the early 1950s and Chief Justice of the Supreme..

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The American Memorial Library is one of the largest public libraries in Berlin. It was co-financed by a donation from the United States. American people had in 1950 donated $5 million for cultural purposes in recognition of the West Berliners' keeping up during the Berlin Blockade, which took..

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American Radiator Building

New York City, USA
by John Howells, ...

The American Radiator Building (since renamed to the American Standard Building) is a landmark skyscraper located at 40 West 40th Street, in midtown Manhattan, New York City. It was conceived by the architects John Howells and Raymond Hood in 1924 and built for the American Radiator Company.
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Amersham High & Over

Amersham, United Kingdom
by Amyas Connell

No More Information Available.

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As part of the second stage of the post-war seaside leisure development in Romania, a series of resorts were erected form scratch on the far south Black Sea coast, close to the Bulgarian border. Although many of the hotels in these resorts were standardised tower-blocks, a few buildings stand out..

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With Arcam René van Zuuk has demonstrated his talent for designing free standing, object-like buildings.

The ARchitecture Centre AMsterdam (ARCAM) needed a significantly larger accommodation. Therefore a wonderful location close to the Oosterdok was allocated to this promotional institute. In..

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Amsterdam Municipal Orphanage

Amsterdam, Netherlands
by Aldo van Eyck

Dutch Architect Aldo van Eyck built the Amsterdam Orphanage in 1960. His design focused on a balance of forces to create both a home and small city on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

As a member of CIAM and then a founding member of Team 10, van Eyck held strong opinions on post-war architecture...

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AMZS Technical Centre

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Savin Sever

AMZS Center was built for the purpose of automobile industry at the end of the sixties. Structural design of the building is a descendant of garages Triplex A which the same architect evolved somewhat earlier. AMZS building combines: the information service, help desk road test and service..

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This project involved the participation of a traditional community of performing artists and craftsmen in re-designing the urban fabric of their unauthorised slum/squatter settlement and thereby gaining legitimacy in the city of Delhi.

A unique design process tapped into the community’s..

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From an existing empty building next to a municipal sports centre, an extensive program has been designed. Its use is shared between the Sports Medicine Centre (surgeries and effort and control rooms for the locomotor system), the University of Cadiz (classrooms and research rooms related to..

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Andrew Melville Hall

St Andrews, United Kingdom
by James Stirling

Andrew Melville Hall is a student hall of residence of the University of St Andrews located in St Andrews, Scotland. It was built in 1967 in the brutalist style, and it accommodates approximately 250 students.
Designed in the New Brutalist style by the renowned architect James..

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The concrete arches, also known as Andropov's Ears, were built in 1983 by O. Kalandarishvili and G. Potskhishvili in Tbilisi for an official visit by the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. They were demolished after independence in April 2005 and the President Saakashivili..

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Anghel Saligny Silos

Constanta, Romania
by Anghel Saligny, ...

The Anghel Saligny silos are an ensemble of historical monuments located on the territory of Constanta. The silos built between 1904-1909 and 1912-1915 by engineer Anghel Saligny are located at berths 17-18 of the Constanta Port, 45 meters high and 30,000 tons each.

The silos were designed by..

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Ani Nii Shobo

Yarinacocha, Ucayali, Peru
by Sandra Iturriaga, ...

Ani Nii Shobo, big house of the forest in Shipibo language, is a healing center and nature reserve based on the traditional medicine of the Shipibo people. The project is located on the banks of a lagoon near the native community of San Francisco de Yarinacocha in the Ucayali region in the..

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Potsdam, Germany
by Brandlhuber +

When the warehouse of a former textile factory in East Germany VEB "Ernst Lück" on the lake 'Krampnitzsee', south-west of Berlin, was to be converted into a summer house, the architect Arno Brandlhuber decided to abstain from the conventional upgrading of the outer shell. Instead, he chose to..

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Antituberculosis Dispensary

London, United Kingdom
by Berthold Lubetkin, ...

The anti - tuberculosis dispensary located in the district of Finsbury, London, is a work of Berthold Lubetkin built between 1935 and 1938. By 1935, infant mortality in England reached very high levels, reaching 114 per thousand in rural areas. A number of diseases such as diphtheria, whooping..

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Hannover, Germany
by Fritz Höger

The Anzeiger-Hochhaus (Gazette-Building) in Hanover was designed by Fritz Hoeger, it’s 51m high and was built from 1927 to 1928 near the Stone Gate Square. With its 12m tall, green roof dome, it is a landmark of the city and was one of the first skyscrapers in Germany. Anzeiger-Hochhaus was one..

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12SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Miladin Prljević' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1114
13SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Jelisaveta Načić' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1115
14SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Karl Friedrich Schinkel' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1113
15SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Rosemary Stjernstedt' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1116
16SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Fritz Bornemann' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1115
17SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Willy Kreuer' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1114
18SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Steven Holl' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1112
19SELECT `Architect`.`slug` FROM `architects` AS `Architect` WHERE `title` = 'Tecton' AND `Architect`.`deleted` <> 1 LIMIT 1116