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Low Rise, Industrial Building System GIMS, Social Hosing, Cooperatives, Postmodernism, Brick

Project timeline

1984 – 1989



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Put pored kasarne, Perućac
11000 Belgrade

Current state


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Hidroenergetika, Belgrade

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Institut IMS, Hidroenergetika, Belgrade

Housing quarter Bajina Bašta Change this

1 of 11

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Residential buildings are located in a beautiful natural environment around Bajina Bašta (Baja's gardens). They were made in the GIMS system - industrial building system. The project was created as a part of a years research and applied to locations in Leskovac, Bašta, Zaječar, Smederevo (Serbia) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Hydro power facilities offered smaller and very cheap flats instead of metal containers that were originally proposed for family workers from the construction site from Libya and Iraq. The external cladding is made of craft facing brick instead of precast panels to give a better energy savings.


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