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1965 – 1969



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19 ulitsa Shvernika

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Dom novogo byta, or DNB

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House of the New Way of Life Change this

Moscow, Russia
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In 1965 the city hall approved a design drafted by a group of planners under Natan Osterman for a House for the New Way of Life (Dom novogo byta, or DNB), to hold 2,200 young adults in the Tenth Block of Novyye Chreremushki at 19 ulitsa Shvernika and serve as a prototype for the urban USSR. The DNB's twin sixteen-story towers were to be joined by a service pod containing an auditorium, dance hall, swimming pool, and calisthenics rooms; meals were to be taken in messes rather than in the bantam apartments; there would be extended care for toddlers and after-hours programs for schoolchildren. While disclaiming any mimicry of the early communes, Osterman highlighted the advantage of "scientific fantasy" for "the formation of communist consciousness".
The DNB was completed in 1969, shorty after Osterman died.


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