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Collaborative, Collective Housing

Project timeline

2005 – 2008


Private House

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Bernauerstrasse 5D
13355 Berlin

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House FL Change this

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The division of Berlin is highly visible even 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall along Bernauer Straße. The existing buildings bear witness to two separate worlds, with the western district of Wedding and its modern linear development from the 1950s through to the 1970s facing the Gründerzeit-style buildings of the former eastern district of Mitte.

An island made up of 16 town houses, built at a level of density evoking a medieval setting, aims at redefining this site of the former death strip. Haus FL offers a fresh interpretation of the concept of the one-room house. Its various spaces are connected by a promenade that leads from the basement hall via a single-flight staircase to the rooftop offering a view of Berlin, with the juxtaposition of open and introverted spaces reflecting the occupants’ family life.


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  • Kristien Ring, Franziska Eidner (2013): The Self Made City. Jovis, Berlin


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