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Modernism, Roof

Project timeline

1968 – 1974


Hotel & Restaurant

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81000 Mojkovac

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Hotel Palas

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September 19th, 2019

Hotel Mojkovac Change this

Mojkovac, Montenegro
by Svetlana Kana Radević Change this
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Kana's work is characterized by a free style and an unusual form. All the elements are taught her courage to show that she can always do it differently. As a little girl she was enthusiastic how to fill the empty space like the one in the boxes she played with. Already as a child she was playing with tents to create her own home. Perhaps in the desire to make these little tents from childhood become bigger, the Mojkovac Hotel was built. Kana designed a hotel that imitated the characteristics of a mountain house. The steep slopes of the tin roof, formed as a response to the heavy snowfall, she cascades, reducing each subsequent volume. The windows she positions diagonally through the building height, creating an interesting but choreographed play of colors and volumes.


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